Her Son Was Constantly Crying and Scratching His Body Attacked by Severe Eczema, Until She Found This Miracle Treatment


Her Son Was Constantly Crying and Scratching His Body Attacked by Severe Eczema, Until She Found This Miracle Treatment

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Those suffering from eczema have extremely dry skin, and their skin itches intensely. Sometimes the itching becomes so severe that the person will scratch their skin until it is bleeding. Eczema symptoms also include:

Severe Eczema

Scaly patches of skin
Oozing, crusting sores
Skin that is red and inflamed

Debbie Maddalena-Saunders of Old Bar, Australia learned about the horrors of severe eczema when her son, Tyler began to break out in rashes at eight months old. As he got older, sores appeared all over his body. He was in constant pain, and his mother placed socks over his hands to protect his skin. There were days when he could not walk, and he was unable to attend school at all. When doctors could not help her, Debbie began to video record her son’s condition.

One day, Debbie saw an ad from Dr. Richard Aron detailing a program he developed for patients with severe eczema. His program required the use of a special cream along with instructions for the following:

Sun Protection

The cream used in the Aron Regime is comprised of corticosteroid betamethasone valerate. The other main ingredient is mupirocin, an antibiotic that is used to treat infections of the skin. These ingredients are mixed in Vanicream™ Skin Cream which prevents irritation.
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The Aron Regime worked wonderfully for Tyler. He now goes to school, and he is even making money as a licensed street performer! He donates his earnings to the Aron Regime.

In this touching video, we see the startling images of Tyler’s disease. However, as the video progresses and Debbie begins utilizing the Aron Regime, Tyler’s sores slowly fade. The agonizing cries of a child desperately seeking relief are replaced by the big smiles of an active, talented young man. We even get treated to Tyler’s awesome dance moves!


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