Find Out a Surprising Effect of Bending Your Fingers in THIS Specific Position


Find Out a Surprising Effect of Bending Your Fingers in THIS Specific Position

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Do you feel like you are always getting stressed out way too easily? Want to find simple, effective ways to relieve your stress and calm your nerves? There are probably many ways of relieving stress that you’ve already tried, not all of them entirely successful. But there’s one new trend that’s popping up that might be the solution for you. Known as hand yoga, this practice originated in ancient India, and is known as a highly effective way for someone to enter into a deep meditative state without the need to even lay down a yoga mat. If you’re interested in giving hand yoga a try, you can try using these seven effective techniques to enter that meditative state you’ve been searching for. Chanting “OM” is optional.

1) Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

The importance of keeping your hands healthy is paramount. Speaking on the subject, Pam Horton, a teacher-trainer for the British Wheel of Yoga, had this to say: “I remember an architect in one class. He said that when he got up in the morning his fingers were curved over. He had to manually straighten them.”

The first mudra you can use to calm down and keep those hands healthy is the Gyan Mudra position. Better known as the wisdom position in hand yoga, if you’re looking to achieve this position, you’ll simply do this by connecting your thumb with your forefinger. This particular mudra is well known for its effectiveness at increasing air flow through your body, enhancing memory, boosting enthusiasm and creativity and also reducing laziness.

2) Vaayu Mudra


Better known as the calmness position, the Vaayu Mudra is performed by placing the tip of the index finger and the base of the thumb and then using the thumb to cover the index finger at the first phalangeal joint. Known for decreasing air through your body and making you feel calm, this mudra suppresses the hormonal and nervous system, reducing aggression and hyperactivity.

3) Aakash Mudra

Aakash Mudra

The Aakash Mudra position is also known as the position of lightness. To achieve this position, you touch the tip of your middle finger to your thumb tip. This position is well known as being great for increasing space in your body, relieving worry, detoxifying the body from metabolic waste, and also relieving congestion.

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4) Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra

Also known as the pain relief position, the Shunya Mudra. In order to perform this position, you are to place the tip of your middle finger right at the bottom of the thumb, and then cover the middle finger with the thumb while also gently pressing down. Known to be great for decreasing the space within the body, this mudra also helps in relieving pain that stems from ear disorders like nausea, and it also reduces numbness across the body.

5) Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra

This mudra, the Prithvi Mudra, is also known as the strength position. In order to perform this position, one must gingerly touch the tips of the ring finger and thumb. Known to be wonderful for increasing the “earth” and decreasing the “fire” within your body, which corresponds to tissue growth for the earth element, as well as muscle building and healing. This position is also known to help relieve fatigue while still also helping to regulate the metabolic process and temperature of your body.

6) Surya Mudra


This is the weight loss position, achieved by placing the ring finger tip at thumb’s bottom and covering the finger with the thumb. This increases the fire while decreasing the earth. Perfect for those with low body temperatures.

7) Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra

The moisturization position is done by touching the tips of the pinky and thumb. This relieves joint pain and arthritis. It’ll also helps for hormone deficiency and dehydration.

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