Can you drink coffee with hypertension? Is it safe?


Can you drink coffee with hypertension? Is it safe?

If you have high blood pressure, chances are you’ve ever wondered if you can drink coffee, especially if you love this drink. Is it possible to take it? And, above all, is it totally safe?

Café y hipertensión

Coffee is, without a doubt, one of the most consumed beverages in the world, along with – evidently – water (essential in the end for life), and tea. However, although many times we do not realize this, we must pay attention to the fact that there may be some contraindications that prevent its consumption, or that make its consumption not so adequate or recommendable.

As you probably know, coffee is a wonderful natural beverage that is obtained from the infusion made of roasted and ground beans from the fruits of the coffee plant, which is usually taken at breakfast, although it is also very common to take it. after meals and, in short, practically at any time of the day.

It has become, almost without any doubt, one of the most socially-friendly non-alcoholic drinks, since it is usually consumed in the middle of a conversation between friends or colleagues. Even in meetings at the highest level (for example, high-ranking leaders), you never miss a good cup of coffee.

Its deep-rooted and popular consumption is due, above all, to the fact that it is a drink with a great stimulating power, a quality that is mainly due to its high caffeine content. But, as a result of this effect, we are faced with a drink that is not so advised according to what times or conditions.

Does coffee increase blood pressure?
We are probably faced with one of the most common questions asked a good number of people every day, especially if they tend to drink coffee regularly, and especially if they have been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure.

The truth is that the question of whether coffee increases the tension, the fact is that YES. In fact, citing Dr. Sheldon G. Sheps for Mayo Clinic, “it can cause a short but radical increase in blood pressure, even if you do not suffer from high blood pressure.” And this effect is due, in fact, to the presence of caffeine in its composition.

The truth is that the reasons why coffee temporarily increases blood pressure are not known, but many researchers and scholars agree that, almost in all probability, this alkaloid tends to cause the adrenal glands to release a greater amount of caffeine. , so that blood pressure increases.

In fact, it is known that most people who drink caffeinated beverages (not only coffee) have a higher average blood pressure, compared to others who do not consume this type of beverage. However, after a regular consumption can develop some tolerance to caffeine, so that its effect on the tension is not so obvious.


Can coffee cause hypertension?
At the moment it is not entirely clear if, in the long term and with a regular consumption over time, coffee can cause high blood pressure, but an increasing number of experts and doctors agree that, in fact, , we are facing an authentic myth.

For example, some time ago the Spanish Society of Hypertension – Spanish League for the Fight against Arterial Hypertension published a guide in which it tried to banish many of the most common myths about this disease.

In particular, about coffee, he points out the following: “Coffee momentarily raises blood pressure but it is not proven that its habitual consumption of coffee causes hypertension”. In fact, he points out that many clinical guidelines “recommend that hypertensive people who wish to continue with this habit can drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day.”

So, can you drink coffee having high blood pressure?
The truth is that, in reality, the only answer is your doctor: the most advisable is to ask him whether or not to clean the consumption of coffee and other drinks with caffeine, or to suspend directly their consumption, especially if you have high blood pressure.

In any case, we must remember that the Spanish Society of Hypertension itself advises a moderate consumption of coffee in case of hypertension, not exceeding 3 cups of coffee per day. Therefore, if you are concerned about caffeine consumption and its possible effects on blood pressure, but you want to continue enjoying your daily cup of coffee, it is best not to exceed 200 mg. of caffeine per day.

And, as it could not be less, always opt for coffee alone and avoid using white sugar as a sweetener in this drink.

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