Hangover detox


Hangover detox

There are some occasions which we tend to drink alcohol more than what we can take.If this happens we have the perfect solution, because, trust me, your body will feel it the next morning. The most common side effects of drinking too much are headaches, nausea, and tiredness, resulting from a combination of dehydration and inability of the liver to flush out toxins quickly enough. This program is designed to help you overcome the side effects and help you repair the internal and external damages. This does not mean you can drink to excess whenever you feel like it…Drinking too much is very bad for your long-term health: if you think you may have an addiction you should seek professional help.

Before you start drinking: top up with water.

Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water in each of the days leading up to the big night out. This will make sure you are fully hydrated and help to flush out toxins.

Eat well. Always have a good, fulfilling meal before you start drinking since alcohol is very acidic.

If possible take B-complex vitamin and 1g of vitamin C, both of which are used up when alcohol id brings broken down in the body.

While you are drinking, always remember to do it slowly, and also, having a glass of water after every alcoholic drink is a useful technique.

As far as possible, avoid bubbles. Sparkling alcoholic drinks such as champagne or rum-and-coke speed up alcohol absorption, making you drunk more quickly.

And finally, before you go to bed, sip water to rehydrate yourself every time you wake up (if you do) during the night. A squeezed of fresh lemon juice in your water will lessen stomach acidity.

When you finally wake up to your reality the next day this is the first thing you should have to balance your blood sugars and provide you a sustained release of energy. You will need a sliced banana, one pot live low-fat yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, another one full of sunflower seeds and finally one tbsp. of museli. Mix together all the ingredients and eat. Bananas will replenish your potassium stocks, crucial for maintaining fluid levels and the correct balance of acid to alkaline.

Although you may feel like having a greasy fry-up, you´ll regret if you do. Bacon, eggs, and bread are all acid forming and will make your stomach churn even more. Eat foods that will not add to the body´s toxic burden, such as brown rice, vegetables, and nuts, throughout the day.

It is crucial to exercise mildly. Go for a long walk to purge the toxins. Also, have a relaxing bath before going to bed and try to get an early night.

It is normal to have an emotional imbalance due to the alcohol ingestion. Activities such as painting, drawing, or molding clay are excellent outlets for your emotions and can be deeply relaxing. Talent is not a stake. You do not have to produce a fantastic work of art. Let yourself become aware of the different textures and aromas of the art materials you are using and enjoy the experience if possible, by this time you should be feeling much better.

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