The cleansing treatment of lemon


The cleansing treatment of lemon
The lemon cure is ideal thanks to its antioxidant, cleansing and defensive properties. Learn how to follow it with these instructions.

Fruit cures can be useful every so often (for example, each change of season), given that while it is true that it is essential to consume 2 to 5 servings of fruit pieces every day, these types of cures may be ideal to prevent a good number of diseases, especially their own after each change of season.

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Thus, for example, the orange cure, is useful at the beginning of autumn and winter because it helps naturally protect us from infections, increase defenses naturally and also purify and eliminate toxins from our body.

For the autumnal and winter seasons, especially when these seasons begin, in addition to the orange cure, lemon curing is also useful.

What is the lemon cure?
The cure of lemon is a cure in which lemon juice is used for healing, therapeutic and medicinal purposes, thanks above all to its content in vitamin C and its cleansing and antioxidant virtues.

How is the lemon cure
The key of this type of cures is to increase the amount of lemon that is ingested progressively each day until you reach 8 or 9 lemons, then decrease that amount each day, prolonging the cure for 10 more days:

1) The first day squeezes the juice of a lemon and dilutes it with warm water.

2) Take the cure before breakfast, or in the morning.

3) Increase the dose at the rate of one more lemon each day until you reach 8 or 9 lemons.

4) Finally, it decreases at the rate of one lemon a day until the cure is extended 10 days more.

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Benefits of the lemon cure
Ideal in autumn and winter because it increases the defenses and helps strengthen the immune system naturally.
It helps that the liver works correctly.
Useful for the retention of liquids, as depurative and to eliminate toxins from our body.
For varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and cellulite.
Useful in the treatment of constipation.
It helps reduce hypertension.
Strengthens nails, skin, hair and delays the appearance of gray hair.

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