How to lower high triglycerides easily


How to lower high triglycerides easily
Knowing how to lower high triglycerides and how to reduce them helps a lot not only to prevent their elevation but to keep it at bay in our lives. If you have high triglycerides you can easily download them following a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Discover what foods to avoid.

On many occasions, we have dealt directly or indirectly with issues closely related to high cholesterol, a certainly silent disease that can gradually clog the arteries and cause chronic inflammation, something called atherosclerosis.

Not in vain, it is known that high cholesterol is responsible for many cardiovascular diseases, being the first cause of death in the developed world.

Cómo bajar los triglicéridos elevados

Within this point, having high triglyceride levels can be even more dangerous. For this reason it is preferable to act and know how we can lower high triglycerides.

What are high triglycerides and what are their risks?
When we find the level of triglycerides high, this means that the triglycerides value is above 150 mg / dL, a figure that drops to 100 mg / dL when the person suffers from heart problems.

One of the main causes of high triglycerides in the blood has to do with an excessive consumption of calories, especially because the person tends to consume foods with high content of triglycerides.

Therefore, its risks are more than evident: having high levels of triglycerides, especially when these are maintained over time, directly affects the onset of cardiovascular problems and arteriosclerosis, which consists of a disease that causes an increase in thickness of the arteries, as well as their loss of elasticity, causing an accumulation of plaques inside.

How to lower high triglycerides?
Whether you are overweight or obese, the recommended thing is to reduce – little by little and moderately – that extra weight, mainly because it can help lower high triglyceride levels.

Opt for those good foods for high cholesterol, mainly because they not only help you lower LDL cholesterol but also triglycerides, while increasing HDL (the good cholesterol that cleans the arteries).

When it comes to losing weight and changing your diet, the idea is to also reduce your calorie intake, especially those called empty calories, while avoiding fatty, sugary foods as much as possible. refined

You should also eliminate trans fats and replace them with much healthier and healthier fats. This type of fats can be found in olive oil, fruits such as avocado and bluefish (salmon or tuna), to name just a few examples.


Fritos y trigliceridos

Foods high in triglycerides that we should avoid
There is no doubt that one of the main causes of high triglycerides in the blood has to do with an excessive consumption of calories, especially because the person tends to consume foods with high content of triglycerides. We discover what are some of those foods:

Foods rich in saturated fats: we find saturated fats especially in fats of animal origin (such as meats with fats, the skin of chicken or by-products such as whole milk or butter). We must also consider ice cream.
Foods rich in trans fats: there is no doubt that trans fats are the most dangerous. We find them especially in the bakery of industrial origin and precooked products, as well as snacks and salty snacks (such as fried potatoes).
Foods rich in sugar: such as sweets and pastries. It is best to opt for sweetener or reduce sugar consumption.

Alimentos con trigliceridos

Medicinal plants that help fight high triglycerides
Although there are many herbs to combat high triglycerides that help very positively when it comes to reducing and lowering the high levels of these fats in the blood, it is true that there are certain medicinal herbs that can help more than others:

Horsetail is a remineralizing plant especially rich in silicon, a mineral that helps the natural regeneration of the arteries. Therefore, it helps when it comes to maintaining good arterial health. You can take an infusion of horsetail made with one to two teaspoons per cup.
Dandelion is another ideal plant to enjoy good health, thanks to which it is able to purify the liver. It helps in fact that this organ performs its functions daily, while its use is interesting in case of fatty liver (another cause of high triglyceride levels). You can take an infusion of dandelion prepared with one to two teaspoons per cup.
Ginkgo biloba: it is a plant capable of dilating capillaries, veins, and arteries, so it improves both its viscoelasticity and the microcirculation of the blood itself. It is useful for preventing the formation of clots as a result of the accumulation of fat in the arteries. You can take an infusion of ginkgo biloba prepared with one to two teaspoons per cup.
Linden is a plant with hypotensive properties while helping to thin the blood. You can take an infusion of linden prepared with one to two teaspoons per cup.

Diet to follow with high triglycerides

Obviously, first of all we must keep in mind that the diet must be low in fat, so that if one of the main causes of the increase in triglycerides in the blood is due to excessive consumption of calories, our doctor or nutritionist will indicate a reduction in the daily consumption of calories, especially eliminating or reducing the consumption of certain foods, especially those especially rich in fat.

A very good option is to pay attention to foods prohibited with high triglycerides:

Fried foods
Sausages and fatty meats.
Fish canned in oil and seafood in general.
Industrial bakery and sweets.
Fat sauces.
Certain oils: like palm and coconut oil.


Alimentos prohibidos con triglicéridos altos


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