9 Foods for Young and Healthy Body


9 Foods for Young and Healthy Body

Smart food choices can add years to your life and also reverse aging if adopted at the right time. Food may not be the sole factor responsible for your health and youthfulness, but it has a big role to play in the process of aging and keeping the age-related diseases at bay. Engaging into appropriate eating habits would ensure that you are the part of “Forever Young” group without cosmetic surgery, long list of supplements, or magic wand as mentioned in fairytales. Here is the list of magical foods that would retain your youth beyond time, keep healthy body, and say no to aging as well as the medical complications related to aging.

9 Foods for Young and Healthy Body

1.Cruciferous Vegetables – Cruciferous vegetables belong to the Brassicaceae or Cruciferae family of vegetables. These vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, radish, turnip, kale, and broccoli. This group of vegetables is known for its health benefits. You can have these vegetables raw or half-cooked to retain the enzymes and nutrients present in it. They are rich in carotenoids like zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene. Other vital nutrients present are folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and essential minerals. These vegetables are also being researched for their anti-cancer properties as the glucosinolates present in this group of veggies release compounds capable of fighting cancer and removing toxins. Regular use of these veggies in your diet would keep you away from cancer and work for your daily dose of nutrients.


2.Red Wine – Wine improves with age but consuming wine will surely improve your health with age. Red wine that is one of the most popular drink worldwide is also accepted for its health and youth boosting properties. This magical drink contains antioxidants fit to fight the free radicals that damage the healthy cells in your body. Having a glass of red wine before your meal would also aid digestion and reverse any damage caused due to free radicals.


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3.Ginger and Garlic – Ginger and garlic would spice up food by adding a distinguished flavor to the dish, but now on you may start consuming these super spices even if you are not fond of their taste. From ages, garlic and ginger are used to fight cold and flu. They work wonders in viral infections like influenza but research has further endorsed their youth boosting properties. Garlic has shown promising results in hypertension as it thins blood and stops cell degeneration. Ginger on other hand aids digestion and flushes out toxins. It can also be used to fight aging and related issues as it rejuvenates the damaged cells to get them young again.


4.Tomatoes – Tomatoes taste great in any form. They are available in all seasons and can be used in all forms – raw, cooked, or juiced. Add them to gravies or curries to get the healthy tangy flavor that would lift the taste to the next level. Include more tomatoes in salads and soups as they prevent wrinkles and protect your skin from harsh sun. Red juicy tomatoes contain lycopene effective in stopping skin oxidation to keep it young.


5.Omega 3 – Omega 3 is not at all an unknown term for those who are even a little conscious about their health and fitness. Most of the oils and fat containing products put up claims regarding their omega 3 content as it has gained lot of popularity in health segment due to its anti-aging and heart healthy properties. To increase the levels of omega 3 in your diet, it is equally important to bring down the intake of omega 6 (present in meat and dairy) to maintain the healthy ratio. Omega 3 is present in fish and fish oils. Salmon fish has substantial amount of omega 3 and adding it to your diet would greatly help. If you are not the fish lover then opt for the salmon oil supplements to get the benefits without eating fish. Vegetarians can get their daily dose of omega 3 from walnut and flax seeds. Snacking on nuts and seeds will fuel your body with considerable amount of omega 3. Advantage of consuming omega 3 is not just limited to anti-aging as it also works against osteoporosis, thrombotic stroke, heart ailments, and arthritis.

Plant-based and animal sources of Omega-3 acids

6.Gooseberries – You will find gooseberries in various forms but those planning to use this sour treat to fight aging may use Indian Gooseberries popular in India as “Amla”. It is very rich in vitamin C that is known for fighting free radicals responsible for aging. Vitamin C in gooseberries would not be lost even when they are cooked, dried, or stored raw. They can be preserved in different forms to be used whole year round. It will detoxify your liver and boost your immune system while giving your skin and hair a healthy glow.


7.Barley and Quinoa – Whole grains are considered to be healthier than the refined grains. Processed foods lack on most of the healthy nutrients and fiber that whole grains have. Barley and Quinoa are protein packed whole grains rich in fibers. You can use these grains in your all meals to get the maximum advantage of their healthy composition. Tufts University Study carried out on healthy individuals have stated that those who limited the refined grain content in their diet had 10% less abdominal fat compared to those dependent more on refined and processed food options.

8.Black Beans – Lentils, peas, and beans are all very rich in dietary fiber that will flush out waste from your body. Carcinogens built in the gut would be effectively removed on consuming black beans in breakfast. Folate in black beans would repair damaged cells and prevent aging. Increasing the bean consumption would protect against severe diseases like prostate and colon cancer too.


9.Spinach – Spinach is the powerhouse of magnesium containing 163mcg magnesium per cup. Magnesium regulates the nerve and muscle function to keep you toned and agile. Those suffering from blood pressure and blood sugar would benefit by including more spinach in their salads and soups. Use all types of leafy greens to add color to your meals while increasing the health quotient.


Above 9 foods are gifted by nature but using them in the right form would give you magical results worth relishing for the lifetime!

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