How To Make Cheap Wine Taste So Much Better in Seconds


How To Make Cheap Wine Taste So Much Better in Seconds

How To Make Cheap Wine Taste So Much Better in Seconds

While some cheap bottles of wine might be a spectacularly rare and delicious discovery, many cheap bottles of wine are far inferior to their more expensive counterparts. These are a number of methods to make those less-than-delightfully tasting bottles bearable quickly and effectively.


The process of breathing and decanting is often used to mellow strong and less pleasant notes in a bottle of wine. Many people simply let a cheap bottle breathe before they drink it. A cheap bottle of wine may have to breath for an extended period of time before it is drinkable. The longer wine is exposed to oxygen, the more subdued the harsh components will become and the wine will be increasingly more enjoyable. However, a faster way exists to speed up this process. Much like making supremely light and airy scrambled eggs, a blender can transform a cheap bottle of wine in seconds. Blending wine expedites the oxidation process exponentially with the same desired results as allowing a bottle to breathe.


Cheese has accompanied wine for centuries. The two combined together create a balance in your mouth so that both the wine and the cheese are more enjoyable, particularly when they are paired properly. If a wine has strong tannins, a bold and hard cheese will do the best job at breaking down the tannins to create a milder flavor of wine.


The flavors of wine are often muted after the liquid has drastically reduced in temperature. You should aim for a temperature of slightly above freezing for optimal enjoyment in an undesirable situation. For fast results, place the bottle in an ice bath and roll the bottle quickly over and over again.

Penny for your Drinks

For this particular wine-enhancing tip to work, the cheap wine must be one of particular characteristics. Bottles of wine that smell of rotten eggs or a recently struck match can improve by adding a clean penny to the wine. The copper in the coin helps to breakdown the sulfur characteristics allowing the wine to transform in some cases.

Sangria and Spritzers

Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to make cheap wine taste better is to create a new drink with the bottle. You might consider making a sangria from red wine or to mix a white with sparkling soda to make a spritzer.

Whether you are on a budget, you received a cheap bottle of wine as a gift or you were trying a new brand, a poorly tasting cheap bottle of wine does not have to ruin your day. These tips will help you to make the best of a less-than-desirable situation.

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