The causes of distraction when studying and how to avoid them


The causes of distraction when studying and how to avoid them

Knowing the causes of distraction in the most common study can help to avoid them, which will be useful to study much better. Discover how to avoid them.

As we mentioned in a previous article in which we talked about the importance of concentration in the study, when we are studying or in the end we consider the possibility of studying (or even learning to study), it is true that our ability to Concentration is simply fundamental when it comes to understanding what we are reading, and retaining what we are studying.

To be able to concentrate better, we must always keep in mind certain issues and certain circumstances: maintain a certain routine in the study, have a daily and constant place of study, have environmental circumstances that help (little environmental noise, pleasant temperature …), avoid distractions and have all the necessary material for the study at the table.

Principales causas de distracción en el estudio

However, despite getting the above elements, if we are not excited about what we are studying, and we do not remain energetic, we will hardly concentrate.

What are the main causes of student distraction
An especially useful option is to take into account which is the main -and habitual- causes of distraction in the student, which will greatly help you avoid them to study better and in a much more effective way:

Bad environmental conditions: noise, little or poor lighting, room temperature high or very low …
Bad planning in the study: above all it occurs when it has not been planned beforehand what is going to be studied and for how long, causing confusion.

An absence of programming in the study: together with poor planning, it occurs when there is no defined schedule, or a good distribution of time has not been carried out.

The degree of difficulty of the contents to study: especially when the contents to study tend to be very difficult for the degree of intellectual maturity of the student.

Personal, social or family problems: especially when they create nervousness and tension in the student, which prevents him from studying and concentrating normally.

Physical or mental tiredness: both influence decisively, since to achieve a good concentration it is necessary that the student is fully rested, both physically and psychically.

Lack of a good method of study: when the student does not know how to study or does not have a good study technique. You can know more about some useful methods, such as the Maddox method.

Lack of motivation: especially when the student is not motivated about the objective he intends to achieve after the study, either because he is forced or because after several failures he has lost the desire.

Lack or little will of power.

Causas de distraccion al estudiar

So, how can we avoid distraction when studying?
As we see, there are many causes that can influence in some way or another when we get distracted when we are studying. From something as simple and as simple as physical and/or mental fatigue, to having little willpower, either because what we study we do not like, or because we simply do not feel like doing it at that moment.

Avoid studying tired
Studying tired is precisely one of the main causes of distraction, basically for something very simple: fatigue negatively affects both our performance and our ability to concentrate.

Therefore, if we are tired it is best to rest, and leave the studio for any other time in which we have recovered the lost energies (we have recharged batteries, go).

Do not study when you are worried
Fatigue not only also negatively influences our ability to concentrate and study. So does our state of mind. That is, if for example, we are worried about something, in particular, we feel nervous about something or we are simply emotionally stressed, obviously, we will not get good results and we will only waste time.

The solution is just as simple: try to calm down and leave the problems aside. Or, well, mentally try to solve them and park them.

Como evitar las distracciones en el estudio

Choose an appropriate study site
It is another of the most obvious causes: not having an appropriate place to study properly. For example, it is not a good idea to study in a room with the television set or with the computer on while we chat and try to study.

Therefore, it is best to choose a suitable place, and above all, to warn others that we have close to please do not bother us.

Do not use your mobile phone
Before, a few years ago, a usual cause of distraction was studying with the television on or having the computer screen on while chatting. Now that distraction has passed to the mobile phone, with each and every one of the applications that we have installed in it.

In this sense, the solution is quite simple: turn off the phone and/or avoid using it all the time you are studying. And, of course, do not have it close (much less at the same table where you are trying to study).

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