5 Unusual Uses for Deodorant


5 Unusual Uses for Deodorant

5 Unusual Uses for Deodorant

We all know that deodorant helps stop perspiration and can blocks nasty body odors to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. But the anti-perspirant is a surprisingly versatile tool that can serve many other unusual functions. Check out our list of the top five unusual uses for deodorant:

#5: Avoiding Blisters on Your Feet

If you have a pair of shoes that are constantly rubbing up against your heels or sides of your feet, deodorant can help to alleviate the friction, and help avoid blisters. Simply rub deodorant around the sides of your feet and on your heels, and slip your foot back into the shoe. The deodorant acts as a slick barrier between your skin and the shoe’s material, keeping it from peeling flesh off of your foot. And not only will it provide protection against blisters, but it will keep your feet smelling fresh as well.

#4: Soothe Insect Bites

Insect bites can range from minor annoyance do downright distraction, and the more noticeable ones can be an eyesore as well. Scratching an itchy insect bite only compounds the problem, but that’s where deodorant comes in. Applying deodorant onto your mosquito bites will stop them from itching, allowing them to disappear faster.

#3: Cosmetics

Most people don’t think of deodorant as a cosmetic product but surprisingly, it can be. For women, apply a dab of deodorant underneath your eyes, along your nose and on your forehead before you apply your makeup. This helps stop the buildup of sweat glands on your face throughout the day, keeping your face shine-free.

#2: Closet Freshener

A strange use for deodorant that doesn’t even include application to your body; it works great as a closet freshener. If you have a musty closet in a small enclosed space, you may be wondering what you can possibly do to bring in a crisp fresh scent to the closet. Take either a roll-on or canned deodorant container, remove the cap, and place it in your closet, out of the way of your clothes. The deodorant will naturally infuse the air with a refreshing, clean scent.

#1: Zit Removal

Just as deodorant can help to reduce shine on your face, it can dry out and remove zits from your skin as well. If you don’t have zit cream or clarifying lotion handy, deodorant provides a great alternative. Apply deodorant to the skin blemish, and it will disappear overnight.

Who knew that deodorant could be so versatile and effective?

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