What Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality


What Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

Phrenology, the idea of determining one’s personality by their physical features, has been around for centuries. Some theories go by a person’s finger length and ratios, while others examine the skull’s design in order to determine personality. There have actually been scientific studies done on this subject. However, some people are very skeptical when it comes to phrenology. One of these ideas of phrenology state that a person’s finger nail shape reveals their personality.

What Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

1. The Long Nail
These people are said to be patient, romantic and imaginative. They are very observant but can easily be overwhelmed by details. Overall, they are loved because of their very friendly nature.

2. The Broad Nail
Although this type of person is more short-fused, they are intelligent and deep thinkers. The broad-nail person can detect lies and deceptions from a mile away. These people are very straightforward and blunt, especially when giving advice.

3&4. The Round Nail
Those who have round nails are said to be very laid back and happy. Even though they have heightened senses, they don’t let their anger and frustration get to them. They are very independent and don’t go along with what everyone else is doing.

5. The Square Nail
These people are leaders that have tons of will power and courage. Generally speaking, square-nailed people are serious, and this can scare some people away. Overall, they make good company for both social and family gatherings.

6&7. The Triangle Nail
People who have this nail shape are said to be very intelligent and creative. They are typically the person who comes up with new, convenient inventions.

8. The Almond Nail
The main characteristics that describe these people are honest, friendly and loyal. They are generally very polite. However, they will be very firm in certain circumstances. These people handle difficult situations very well compared to others.

9. The Sword Nail
It’s named sword nail for a reason. Sword-nailed people are very determined at accomplishing their goals and dreams. They will stop at nothing and are very ambitious. Unlike most people, they don’t really have a comfort zone.


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