How to Train Better with the Right Gadgets


Nothing is more frustrating than working hard at the gym and looking around to see everyone on their phone. To get the most out of your workout, focusing on getting in the right mindset between sets is better than finding out what’s happening on social media.

How to Train Better with the Right Gadgets

As with anything, there’s an exception. Smartphones can be a gateway to incredible apps, technology, and gadgets that will improve your performance and help your training. Trying a new lift today? The click of a button can show you proper form and step-by-step instructions. With the right gadgets, you can train better than you ever have before.


HeartBit is the world’s first heart rate monitor that uses a 3-lead bipolar ECG system to give you the most accurate results possible. This tool is a must-have for runners, whether they use running as a form of cardio to supplement their weight training or are training for their next marathon.

HeartBit helps you train better by giving you an accurate reading of your heart rate and creating training plans based on the results and your goals. This combination of data can help you master your training based on your biology. It also conveniently integrates into different training clothing to give you accurate results without impeding your performance with bulky straps and connectors.

Skulpt Performance System

Once upon a time, scales were the go-to form of measuring fitness. BMI was the main indicator if someone was at a healthy body weight or not. Over time, we’ve learned that while these tools still have merit in some situations, they aren’t good for measuring the progress of someone who doesn’t have a lot of body fat or is training to build muscle. It’s not uncommon to see someone gain 20lbs at the gym while losing inches around their waist and fitting in smaller pants sizes.

Skulpt Performance System is a portable device that measures body fat percentage and muscle growth, to help direct an individual’s training efforts. It surpasses the technology offered by skinfold measurements and can help create a training plan based on body composition and goals.

Acumobility Eclipse Roller

Foam rollers have become a must-have tool at the gym to help with training and recovery. Self-myofascial release (SMFR) has been proven to have an impact on repairing muscle tissue after heavy training and getting the blood flowing to prevent injury when used beforehand. So of course, someone would add a technological component to the process.

The Acumobility Eclipse Roller doesn’t have the fancy bells and whistles of other tools on this list, but it does have a scientifically designed center that acts as a trigger point release. If you’ve been spending a lot of money on massage therapy to help work out the knots you’ve created while training, this is the tool for you.

Beast Sensor

There’s finally a fitness tracking gadget for those who care less about calories burned and more about weight lifted. The beast sensor can adhere to your barbell with the strong magnet incorporated into the sensor or put in a relevant spot on your body to take various measurements while you lift. The Beast can track everything: weight lifted, power emitted, speed, reps, progress over sets, progress over set periods, and yes, even calories burned.

What sets Beast apart from the other fitness tracking apps is that you can subscribe to use your gadget as a trainer, meaning various users can be tracked through the web portal. Even if you’re only tracking your own progress, the web portal offers incredibly detailed insights into your performance and helps you determine how to become bigger, better, faster, and stronger.

Whatever gadgets, tools, and accessories you use in the gym, the most powerful machine you possess will always be your body. Don’t allow the wonders of the internet to distract you from your training. Instead, harness technology to make each and every training session amazing.


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