Ladies! Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Character

1. Lemon – petite and symmetric

You’re elegant and intelligent. Your mindset varies from the masses. Comfort and peace are top priorities. You enjoy reading and being alone. Emotionally stable, laughing at yourself comes easily. You seek a life of balance. People admire your scholastic and professional achievements.

2. Papaya – elongated and pendulous

You’re a superwoman, strong-willed and independent. Before taking action, you weigh decisions carefully. You have tremendous self-control. You’re calm, goal-oriented, and successful. These qualities make you a great leader.

3. Apple – small, sloping downward, and facing away

You march to the beat of your own drum. You’re free-spirited and adventuresome. Inclined to be spontaneous, you have a progressive point of view. People find you absolutely charming.

4. Pear – triangular, facing downward, with large nipples

You’re feminine and sensual, with a strong personality. You constantly strive to improve yourself and are very open-minded. Positive and optimistic, you always see the cup half-full. Possessing a spiritual nature, you’re loving and steadfast. You have a fabulous sense of humor.

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5. Cherry – perky and spread apart

Embodying the color red, you’re passionate and courageous. You tackle challenges with zeal and make decisions quickly. Cheerful and bubbly, you love to entertain. You’re the life of the party.

6. Melon – globular and facing forward

You’re kind and reliable. You go out of your way to help others. People confide in you, knowing their secrets are safe. You often play the role of mediator, restoring harmony between conflicting parties. Generous and nurturing, you make everyone feel at home.

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