10-Years-Old Child Dies After Medical Diagnosis Error

10-Years-Old Child Dies After Medical Diagnosis Error

Doctors in Australia have come under attack after a 10-year-old girl died due to an improper medical diagnosis. The girl named Briony was brought to the hospital by her mother Bridget Klingberg, after developing a fever and a sore throat. Her mother noticed all was not well when she failed to take her tea, which she never missed. Her mother confesses to visiting many doctors in Adelaide Hills but never receiving a proper diagnosis.

Medical diagnosis errors

Briony‘s case has been one of negligence and medical errors. Her first diagnosis was at a general practitioner’s when she started vomiting and having trouble swallowing food. The GP diagnosed her with a throat infection and gave her an antibiotic prescription. Her condition did not improve forcing her mother to take her to the Women’s and Children Hospital in Adelaide. Doctors found ulcers in her throat and sent her home for further diagnosis the following day. After a check-up the new general practitioner prescribed a steroid to try and reduce the throat inflammation.

Briony underwent several blood tests recommended by the general practitioner, only to wake up a day after, unable to pass urine. Her mother rushed her to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, but she experienced a seizure in the parking lot and died.


Post mortem results revealed she died of organ failure, caused by the herpes simplex virus, which was causing all her symptoms. Briony’s mother is now crying foul, blaming all the doctors who gave them guesswork diagnosis and sent them home. She feels that if the doctors had raised concern about her daughter’s condition and asked for an admission, she would have complied.

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