This Woman Has Fingers For Toes…Her Photos Will Blow Your Mind


This Woman Has Fingers For Toes…Her Photos Will Blow Your Mind

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A Taiwanese student has some very unusual toes. They look a lot like fingers. The student posted her distinctive digits on a Chinese blog site called Dcard and they’ve been a source of wonder ever since.


On the post, the student remarked that she’s always drawn attention while wearing flip-flops, and people would gather around and discuss her toes. Some even suggested that she hadn’t evolved quite properly. Not too concerned about evolution, however, the student called her post “The long toes nobody can match.”


They definitely are unique, and one picture shows that her big toe is 4 inches long and her second toe is 5 inches long. In a second picture, she shows how she can clasp her toes just like fingers. Wonder if she can play “here is the church, here is the steeple”?


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They really look as long as fingers when spreading out in another picture. What’s more remarkable is, she’s a small person, only 5 feet tall.

Other people have extra-large body parts, too. Although she has a normal upper body, a Russian woman has the world’s longest legs at 4 feet 4 inches. However, in total she’s only 6 feet 5 inches tall. A Turkish man has the world’s longest nose at 4.5 inches.

Did the Taiwanese student have a disease or a terrible accident? No, she was born this way. There’s a similar condition called brachymetatarsia. In it, one of the toes, usually the fourth, is abnormally short. If the second toe is too short, this is called Morton’s syndrome.

Usually, these conditions are hereditary. Treatments include wearing shoe inserts or prescription shoes, but sometimes surgery might be necessary to lengthen the short toe. Otherwise, a person’s weight isn’t distributed properly and can result in foot pain. Also, wearing shoes might cause rubbing and sores.

The Taiwanese student seems to be fine with wearing flip-flops, though, and also fine with her tip-top tootsies.



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