Dying Woman Spreads Awareness About Her Deadly Habit


Dying Woman Spreads Awareness About Her Deadly Habit

Though many people know the dangers of cancer, it is common for many people to think that their chances of getting cancer are infinitesimally small. However, one common hobby increases cancer risks so much that it eventually becomes almost a certainty. This brave woman was dying of cancer, yet she used her last few months to spread awareness about this deadly habit.


Ever since she was in high school, Ashley Trenner had loved the tanning salon. It started out as just a few trips to get a tan before she went on vacation because the weather in her Washington hometown was always too cloudy to achieve a tan. However, Ashley eventually started going to the tanning salon more and more. She felt like she looked more beautiful when tan, and laying in the powerful UV rays helped her to relax. For the next 15 years, Ashley tanned regularly, even though her mother begged her to stop before she got skin cancer.


The first warning sign was a small lesion that appeared when she was in her late twenties. The doctor told Ashley it was benign, so she just got it removed and continued tanning. When the lesion returned, Ashley assumed it was still benign, and so she ignored the lump. However, the lump continued to grow, and Ashley’s doctor told her she had a melanoma when she was 33.


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