Woman Gets £50,000 Payout After Three Botched Nose Jobs


Woman Gets £50,000 Payout After Three Botched Nose Jobs

Vanessa Brooks underwent facial reconstructive surgery at the age of 34. She had disliked the shape of her nose since puberty. She decided to get a nose job to boost her self-esteem, which she believed would save her marriage. Unfortunately, her first surgery was botched. Two more surgeries later, Vanessa pursued legal action against the surgeon who performed nose jobs and was awarded £50,000 for damages.


The Surgeries

Her first surgery took place at Norwich’s Spire Hospital and was performed by Dr. Jon Clibbon. Her nose ended up being very crooked, and her nostrils were quite large. Her eyes were terribly bruised, and she also suffered from a massive infection. Dr. Clibbon had removed too much cartilage from the tip of her nose.


When Ms. Brooks went back for her revision surgery, she was left with noticeable, uneven scarring around her nostrils. Her nose ended up in an “S” shape as well. Dr. Clibbon attempted to re-create the end of her nose with her rib cartilage, but it ended up pushing through the skin of her nose.




The Result

After being awarded her £50,000, Vanessa underwent a final surgery under the care of Dr. Lucian Ion, and she loved the results. Even though she is happy with her nose now, she says that she wishes she had been happy with the way she looked with her natural nose.

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The Difficulties of Rhinoplasty

Even though rhinoplasty is thought to be a common plastic surgery, it is considered to be one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to master. The average revision rate for a nose job is 10%, and even the most experienced board-certified plastic surgeons have revision rates of 3-5%. The reason nose jobs are so tricky is because of the complex three-dimensional structure of this body part.

If the surgeon removes too much of the cartilage at the tip of the nose, it can weaken the entire structure and result in a deformity that is hard to correct later. The best surgeons know that the tip of the cartilage should be re-positioned, reshaped, or reinforced.

Research Surgeons

It is important that a patient chooses his or surgeon wisely,, since it is hard to cover up a bad nose job. Interview several surgeons and ask many questions during your consultation. It is also important that you do not choose a surgeon based on price alone. Check your surgeon’s credentials, and if possible, interview some of his former patients.

Expect Realistic Results

It is also important that a patient expect realistic results. Many patients go to a surgeon and suggest that they would like the same nose as their favorite celebrity, but this is not always possible. The basic architecture of your face can only change so much, and another person’s nose may not have the suitable shape for your face. The best candidates for the best rhinoplasty results have a clear complexion, supple skin, and firm nasal cartilage for the surgeon to work with. Age is also a factor.

Dr. Michael A. Persky, a facial plastic surgeon practicing in Encino, California, suggested speaking frankly with the surgeon during your first consultation. He further suggests asking for before and after photos to make sure your expectations are realistic. It can take up to one year before a rhinoplasty has settled into place.
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