Razor Bumps Treatments – A knowhow


Does razor bumps bother you? Do you face this annoying thing every day on your face? Not anymore. There are many ways in which one can very well control these irritating and unwanted bumps with much ease. But before that, let us see what these bumps are, how are they caused and what kind of razor bump treatment can be done at home.

Razor Bumps Treatments

Razor Bumps: What are they in reality?

Razor Bumps or ingrown hair are little bothered skin bumps. This is scientifically called as “Pseudofolliculitis Barbae”. They occur post shaving, when parts of hair wind flipside and regrow into the skin. They lead to aggravation and responses (Like Pimples or Rash Skins which changes the skin shading to red and after that dark). They additionally may bring about harming or Scratching.

Razor bumps are quite common to both men and women. Ingrown hairs are definitely a headache. By utilizing appropriate shaving methods, you can decrease shaving knocks and ingrown hairs. Wet the skin well so that the pores open-up quickly. Utilize thick shaving cream foam to ensure the skin is protected. Shave towards the path that the hair develops.

Razor bumps are mostly seen in men rather than women as they shave on a daily basis and the facial skin is very thin-skinned. They usually experience some form of irritation as a result of shaving, which could include soreness, reddened skin or razor bumps.

Excess shave in the sensitive areas due to rapid friction of the blades or the sharp edges of the razors causes the unbearable itching and scars on the skin resulting in burning and irritation.


Like a saying prevention is better than cure, these (Razor bumps) can be prevented by using the shave materials or the instruments once or twice but over using these or shaving the sensitive areas repeatedly might result in the hair twisting back. These leave the skin look unappealing or bad.

There are different creams or the medications available in the market or you find many hospitals which provide razor bump treatment for these. You can also treat them at home with few of the available natural antibacterial medicines which are available to name- few of them are Aloe Vera gel, which is a natural antibacterial healing medicine you can get at home. Aloe Vera can be consumed or can be used for skin problems and is useful both the ways, since ages it is being used directly.

Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Baby Powder, Baking soda, Coconut oil, Cucumber, Witch Hazel – all these are useful for the human beings through nature that are most significant and effective. They are antibacterial healers which help the skin remain smooth and soft consisting moisturising, nutrients and protection to skin. Cucumber can be also mixed with milk and used for better results.


One can easily stay away from razor bumps by following the tips mentioned above. Trying the home remedies is the best and cost effective way to wade away these bumps.

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