She Put Onions In Her Socks, You Can’t Believe What Happens Next


She Put Onions In Her Socks, You Can’t Believe What Happens Next

Most people know that onions can make a good meal great. However, what many don’t realize is how extensive the healing benefits are and how powerful an onion really can be. Often called the Queen vegetable, they are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to absorb and remove illnesses from the body. Studies show the bottoms of a person’s feet have over 7000 nerve endings and are direct links to one’s internal organs. By doing something as simple as cutting up an onion and placing it inside your socks while you sleep, you could be healthier or even healed of your virus in just a matter of time.


She Put Onions In Her Sucks, You Can't Believe What Happens Next

The onion has been cultivated for over 5000 years. To ancient Egyptians, onions symbolized eternity and were commonly used as funerary offerings and even offerings to the gods. The exact time and place of the creation of the onion is unknown to us; however, their significance in food, medicine, art, and even worship is undeniable. But more notably, their use in medical practices due their warm nature and healing benefits has changed lives and provided a natural way to heal one’s body. A few of the significant properties onions are sulfur compounds and trace mineral chromium, which is good for cardiovascular health and lowering blood sugar. They also contain anticancer properties, and roughly 20% of a person’s recommended daily intake of vitamin C as well as a large variety of other nutrients we need. Just one example of many of the onion’s surprising healing properties takes place January of 1996. A study published in Gastroenterology found that you can cut your risk of stomach cancer by 50%… Just by eating half an onion a day.

A common and fairly easy way to take advantage of these health benefits and optimize your body is to cut up an onion of your choice, and place them in both of your socks while you sleep! Make sure they’re placed firmly but comfortably on the bottoms of your feet; being direct access points to your internal organs, your feet will absorb the vitamins from the onion. This process is called transdermal application, and is an effective and natural way of healing the human body with little to no effort. Another benefit of this method is the onions will purify your blood and even the air around you while you sleep in addition to the internal virus-healing benefits.

Putting onions in your socks while you sleep will purify your body, and give you peace of mind. By doing this, you’re actually one big step closer to a healthier lifestyle!

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