His Girlfriend Found Out She Was Pregnant…After 9 Months He Gets Unexpected News


His Girlfriend Found Out She Was Pregnant…After 9 Months He Gets Unexpected News

37-year-old Barbara Bienvenue had only been dating her new boyfriend, Paul Servat, for two months when she found out she was pregnant. Paul Servat was head over heels in love with Barbara and quite ecstatic upon receiving the news. At 35, Paul was at a turning point in life, and he felt ready to start a family.

His Girlfriend Found Out She Was Pregnant...After 9 Months He Gets Unexpected News

The opportunity to build a family together greatly excited this Canadian couple from Quebec. However, a few months after getting an ultrasound, Barbara gave Paul some life-changing news. They were not having one, but five babies. The news added to the couple’s excitement since they always intended to have a large family. The couple also realized that they had to quickly get things in order so as to welcome the five lives growing inside Barbara into the world.

They shared the wonderful news with family and friends, establishing a Facebook page to keep every interested person updated on Barbara’s pregnancy. Because of the knowledge that the task of raising five children, all at once, would be challenging, even complete strangers gave to Paul and Barbara. On top of all that, Barbara let Paul pick the names for all the babies, bringing tears of joy to her boyfriend’s eyes.

Unfortunately, nothing could prepare the excited parents-to-be for what was to happen in March 2014. Paul rushed Barbara to the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal for delivery when she was 34 weeks pregnant. And they received some heartbreaking news upon arrival.

According to a hospital employee, Barbara would not be giving birth to quintuplets then or anytime soon. As explained, it was simply because she was not pregnant. Paul was flabbergasted and wondered how his girlfriend could have faked her pregnancy in such a manner.

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As a matter of fact, the hospital had no documented visit regarding Barbara’s pregnancy, absolutely none. It was later confirmed that Barbara was not expecting five babies after she underwent a routine blood test, nor was she pregnant at all. Doctors took Paul into a private room and informed him his girlfriend probably experienced pseudocyesis, widely known as phantom pregnancy. In women, pseudocyesis causes the experiencing of symptoms similar to pregnancy such as morning sickness and swelling of the belly without having conceived.

After the enlightenment, Paul was still wondering why Barbara lied about all her visits to the doctor. And although he was confused, shocked, and devastate, things got even worse. One of Barbara’s relatives came forward and announced it wasn’t the first time the 37-year-old had tried pulling such a stunt. Back in 2010, Barbara had reportedly lied to her ex-boyfriend about being pregnant.

Paul told the Toronto Sun that he had lost everything since the babies were his whole life. In the midst of Paul’s confusion and lack of understanding, a woman named Genevieve Laflamme came forward saying she was not surprised. As an experienced mother, Genevieve was Barbara‘s advisor throughout the pregnancy, yet she was suspicious about the whole story. For instance, Barbara would have been on bed rest well before her due date had she actually been carrying five babies. Genevieve, however, kept her suspicions to herself.

Pseudocyesis is not known to consist of a direct underlying physical cause, and general recommendations on using medication for treatment do not exist. Patients may, however, get medication for symptoms such as the cessation of their menstrual cycle. Pseudocyesis is almost always purely psychological. It is also generally believed to be caused by alterations in the body’s endocrine system, resulting in the secretion of the hormones responsible for the physical changes quite similar to those of pregnancy.

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