5 Warning Signs You’re Protein Deficient


5 Warning Signs You’re Protein Deficient

Protein is a crucial nutrient for sustaining life. If you’re wondering why it is that important, the quick answer is we need protein to make and perform virtually everything in our body. We can think of protein as tiny laborers with different tasks. Some of them help to give us shape and hold our body together. While others carry oxygen in our blood, help produce hormones, repair cells, and many more. Having said that, we can’t afford to be deficient of protein. So if you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to revisit your daily diet.

5 Warning Signs You're Protein Deficient

“Foggy” brain

Forgetfulness, lack of brain clarity and focus are common signs of brain fog. This happens when the neurotransmitters of your brain get disrupted resulting in weakened brain function. Nutritional deficiencies is one of the main causes of this disruption. For example, you can’t produce enough neurotransmitters (a chemical substance that transmits nerve impulses), without protein-derived amino acids.

Low energy

Our body needs protein to balance blood sugar, to stabilize our moods, and to neutralize energy levels. Without protein our body could not handle these tasks very well, which can eventually lead to fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, poor stress control, and low energy levels.

Hair loss

Is your hair falling out? Your body may not be receiving sufficient protein. Our hair is mostly made up of structural protein fibers called keratins. Without the right amount of protein in our body, we can’t generate keratins for hair growth.

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In fact, when our body doesn’t get enough protein supply, it rations the protein that it receives. One of way of allocating its protein reserves is by temporarily shutting down hair growth for a few months. Increasing one’s protein intake is one way of preventing “protein rationing” from happening anytime.

Brittle nails

Like hair, our nails are also mostly made up of strong keratin proteins. If protein levels are low, we can’t produce keratins for making strong, healthy fingernails and toenails. Thus, people who are protein deficient usually break their nails easily or develop hangnails. A healthy intake of good protein sources can surely counter these conditions from happening.

Bad skin

Our skin needs amino acids to generate the structural protein called collagen. Without eating healthy protein foods, there’s no way we can produce collagen. This protein is one of the most important protein forms in our body. It is responsible for making our skin elastic and strong. Collagen also acts like “cement” that holds our skin together. So if we lack protein in our diet, our skin may become prone to wrinkling and skin sagging.

Constant food cravings

Lastly, constantly craving for sweets, carbohydrates, coffee, chips and so on, is also one good way of knowing that your body is in need of more protein. It is because cravings usually points to unhealthy blood sugar levels; although not all cravings are related to protein deficiency. Sometimes hormonal imbalances can also play a role especially in women. However, protein deficiency and unsteady blood sugar are closely associated.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Do you get sufficient protein in your regular diet?


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