Teens Just Invented A Condom That Detects STD By Changing Color!


Teens Just Invented A Condom That Detects STD By Changing Color!

If you’re looking to be healthier than ever, these teens have come up with an innovative concept. At the TeenTech Awards 2015, Daanyaal Ali, Chirag Shah and Muaz Nawaz won an award in the Future of Health category for their S. T. Eye condom. They wanted to create a way to test for sexually transmitted diseases without invasive testing at a doctor’s office or lab.

Teens Just Invented A Condom That Detects STD By Changing Color

The TeenTech Awards was created to promote future possibilities and career opportunities in science, engineering and technology fields. The program is based in the United Kingdom. The top prizes include money and a visit to Buckingham Palace. The awards are sponsored by companies like Atkins, Google and National Grid as well as Network Rail and Cranfield University.

The young teens, between the ages of 13 and 14 years old, created a condom that has molecules imbedded in the skin that will change color in reaction to the presence of STDs. It’s meant to glow green for the presence of chlamydia, blue for syphilis, yellow for herpes and purple for human papillomavirus.

According to Dosomething.org, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that there are over 110 million STIs in the U. S. alone. That figure includes both new and existing infections and diseases. 50% of the new STDs are in young people from age 15 to 24 years old.

They wanted to promote safer sex and make it easier to detect viruses and bacteria while people are in the privacy of their own home. It will help promote safe and responsible sexual practices too. After the condom has alerted a person to the potential of a sexually transmitted disease, the person can then seek treatment without spreading the STD to others.


The teens attend the Isaac Newton Academy, which is located in London. They’ll receive a thousand pounds as well as the promised trip to Buckingham Palace for their innovative concept. While it’s just a concept at the moment, they’ve already been approached by an unnamed condom manufacturer.

The color key is as follows:
Green – Chlamydia
Yellow – Herpes
Purple – Human Papilloma virus
Blue – Syphilis

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