No Equipment Exercises: The Natural Way to Get Great Hamstrings


No Equipment Exercises: The Natural Way to Get Great Hamstrings

A great exercise to know is called ‘How to Smoke Your Hamstrings with Zero Equipment,’ and it is practiced just like it sounds. Your hamstrings include any of the five tendons in the back of your knee, and they are both fragile and difficult to improve without this exercise. They are usually underdeveloped because they are not seen a high priority when working out, and so a unique exercise is needed to focus on them specifically.

No Equipment Exercises- The Natural Way to Get Great Hamstrings

For the lower hamstrings, there are three very useful types of curls: Lying Leg Curls, Standing Leg Curls, and Seated Leg Curls. For Lying curls, keeping your hips firmly on the bench will make these tendons immediately felt. The weight is too heavy if your hips are lifting up high after each rep; lower your weights until you get used to them. Standing leg curls allow you to focus on each individual leg, while bringing each one up and behind you as high as possible. Finally, Seated leg curls require the proper adjustment of seat and roller pads, and a little experimentation with the optimal position will lead to a more effective muscle contraction.

Stiffleg Deadlifts, Good Mornings and Hyperextensions are three exercises guaranteed to produce contractions in your upper hamstrings. They can be found at this website. Stiffleg Deadlifts are the best known of the hamstring exercises, and requires enough controlled weight to work the muscle and save the added bounce or stretch for a yoga class. Shortening the range of motion by only coming back up 7/8 of the way is recommended, because it will greatly intensify the lift with greater time under tension. Good Mornings are done without a machine, but they are one of the great old exercises, and can be found here. It requires your butt to stick out and keep the arch in the small of your back to protect your lower back during the lift. Lastly, Hyperextensions require you to move slowly through the lift while also squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement to develop hamstrings, glutes and low back muscles quickly and effectively. This exercise requires that you keep your head in line with your body while going through the movement. An even better and up-to-date way to work the hamstrings and even more is The Anarchy workout.

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