6 Foods You Won’t Believe Are Making You DUMBER


6 Foods You Won’t Believe Are Making You DUMBER

Clean eating is no joke. Not only do we have to eat more brain food, we also have to avoid certain foods that may even make us stupider!

6 Foods You  Won't Believe Are Making You DUMBER

1. Sugar
Put down that donut or you might be shaving points off your IQ. A 2012 UCLA study shows that “a diet steadily high in fructose slows the brain, hampering memory and learning”. Unfortunately for us would-be Einsteins, sugar is hiding almost everywhere in food these days, so be sure to check the nutrition label before buying!

2. Artificial Sweeteners
If you can’t eat sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth, might as well settle for artificial sweeteners like Splenda, right? WRONG! These hotly contest sugar substitutes have been shown to contribute to brain damage. Yikes! To avoid this and other nasty risks, look for healthier, natural alternatives like adding honey to your tea instead of artificial sweeteners.

3. Fried Foods
Scoff down too much fried chicken and you just might end up frying your brain. Not just chicken, but anything deep-fried in oil like French fries or bacon can contribute to memory loss and other mental problems, researchers explain. We’ve been cautioned against foods like onion rings and calamari for their high levels of saturated fat, so this link only strengthens the case. Try alternative cooking methods like roasting, grilling and poaching.

4. Tofu
Bet you didn’t expect to see tofu on this list. It’s true: high consumption of Tofu among older populations has been related to increased dementia. The study that proves this risk was only carried out on Indonesians with an extremely high rate of Tofu consumption. Soy products are healthy in other ways, so we shouldn’t eliminate them entirely from our diets. With a moderate intake we should be able to reap the benefits while avoiding the side effects.

5. Low-carb diets
Low-carb diets like the keto diet may be effective for weight loss, but evidence suggests our low-carb friends take a hit to their cognitive functions. During the study, when carbs were re-introduced back into the diet of participants, cognitive ability was similarly restored. Your test scores might thank you for the few extra bread sticks!

6. Processed foods
Did you know you could damage your hypothalamus by eating processed foods? Research shows that not only are processed foods highly addictive, they can even cause our brain to shrink. Although brain size has never been directly correlated with intelligence, this kind of damage after the organ is already fully formed is incredibly dangerous. Stick to organic foods for a healthy brain.

Next time you go shopping, keep in mind: if you want to stay sharp, be careful with what you do and DON’T eat!

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