4 Surprising Ways Eating Cheese Helps You Lose Weight


4 Surprising Ways Eating Cheese Helps You Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love cheese? But until very recently, modern nutritional science told dieters to steer clear of the delicious, meltable, oozing cheesy goodness. Not only is cheese healthier than anyone thought, but it has a secret weapon researchers are just now learning about. This article aims to answer all your diet and cheese questions, and put you on the path to achieving your weight loss goals with the help of cheese!

4 Surprising Ways Eating Cheese Helps You Lose Weight

In a Word: Butyrate
Butyrate is a bacteria that helps reduce the incidence of “bad” cholesterol – and its presence in the digestive tract is directly linked to eating cheese. The most recent science suggests that butyrate can help speed up your metabolism and reduce inflammation, both of which can cause you to burn calories faster and lose more weight. In a word – say “cheese!”

Cheese Helps Your Body Burn Fat
Here, the more aged the cheese is, the better for your dieting goals. Eating aged cheese can speed up your body’s ability to eliminate unwanted stored fat, because these cheeses have an increased concentration of butyrate in the cheese itself (as opposed to processed or non-aged cheeses, which have a lower concentration and mainly produce butyrate as they pass through your gut).

Cheese Enhances the Effect of Your Diet Discipline
Let’s say your doctor put you on an un-exciting low glycemic (low sugar) diet that consists mainly of fruits, veggies, protein, and whole grains. Not only does cheese liven up your daily menu, but when combined with a low sugar diet, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says eating cheese will actually speed up your weight loss!

Cheese Can Replace Other Higher Fat, Less Desirable Options
By choosing cheese instead of mayonnaise, chips, creme, butter and other higher fat toppings and condiments, not only do you reduce your daily fat intake, but you boost your intake of protein and other fat burning aids like butyrate.

As a Garnish, Cheese Has No Equal
Sprinkle on some parmesan, and get a calcium-rich topping with minimal fat and maximum taste. A little bit of cheese goes a long way, and can make bland diet foods taste delightful again, giving you that extra ounce of motivation to finish your diet plan and achieve your goal body weight!

Parmesan, aged cheeses, low fat cheese, and ricotta cheese are considered some of the best picks for cheese that can support you to meet your weight goal!

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