Mother Hears Her Son Screaming in the Middle of the Night… What She Finds in His Bed Is Truly Bloodcurdling


Mother Hears Her Son Screaming in the Middle of the Night… What She Finds in His Bed Is Truly Bloodcurdling

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Most mothers only worry about wild animals attacking their children if they are outside, so this family in Australia was shocked to have to deal with a crazy attack during the middle of the night. Though this six year old got very lucky, this story almost had a very sad ending. Fortunately, the brave actions of this heroic mother saved her son’s life.

Mother Hears Her Son Screaming in the Middle of the Night

Tamara Thurgood was sound asleep when she heard blood curdling screams coming from her six year old son, Tyler. Tamara rushed to her son’s aid, but she was absolutely shocked to find that a ten foot long snake was wrapped around her son. This Australian mother says that when she heard her son scream, “I didn’t know what had happened. I certainly didn’t think it involved a snake. I have no idea how it even got in the house.

The snake was completely wrapped around Tyler, and it was biting him, possibly in an attempt to eat him. In this nightmarish situation, Tamara had to pull her son away from the snake. Tyler was sleepy and confused, so he had trouble cooperating with his mother as she tried to free him. Eventually, she got him free and the family rushed to the hospital to treat Tyler’s wounds.

Fortunately, Tamara says that “Tyler doesn’t remember anything, which is the best part.” Instead of being traumatized, Tyler just mentioned that his finger hurt a little. His mother says that he kept asking her why he was bleeding, because he did not remember the incident. Though the blood rushing down Tyler’s face looked scary, Tamara was relieved to find that his injuries were minor.

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While Tamara was taking Tyler to the hospital to get his head injury treated, her brave family members went into the house to subdue the snake before it could hurt anyone else. As they were waiting at the hospital, Tamara received a picture on her phone that showed her cousin holding the snake. Though this massive snake was quite a few feet longer than her cousin, it was captured without harming anyone else.


Snake experts identified the snake as a carpet python, and they agreed that it was extremely rare for this type of snake to attack a human being. Typically, carpet pythons just eat tiny animals like rats, so no one knows why a snake would try to eat a reasonably sized six year old boy. Respected reptile handler, Gary Pattinson, said that “I’ve worked with snakes for well over a decade, and it’s unheard of in my experience for a carpet python to attack a child.”

However, it is possible for carpet pythons to get confused. They find food with heat sensors, so the warmth of a sleeping child could be misinterpreted, especially since a six year old’s head is roughly the same size as the opossums that carpet pythons eat. The python could also have mistakenly thought that the child was attacking him, and so the snake may have lashed out in self defense. Fortunately, this mixed up animal was caught before it could cause more harm, and since Tyler does not remember the incident, he is recovering happily without being terrified by the incident. Most families do not need to be concerned about ten foot long pythons, but experts still caution that it is best to sleep with windows and doors closed in snake-infested areas.


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