This 26-year-old Bride-to-be Had A Brain Stroke Because Of Her Birth Control Pills


This 26-year-old Bride-to-be Had A Brain Stroke Because Of Her Birth Control Pills

Many people are taught to watch for the signs of a stroke: sudden numbness on one side of the body, confusion, sudden dizziness or trouble walking, blurred vision, etc. Signs of a stroke can be difficult to detect in anyone, but when a seemingly healthy 26-year-old woman suffers a stroke, it can be tough even for doctors to diagnose it.

This 26-year-old Bride-to-be Had A Brain Stroke Because Of Her Birth Control Pills

Recently, however, a 26-year-old woman who was taking oral contraceptives began to suffer a massive tension headache. She was busy planning a wedding and disregarded symptoms. However, since she had never had migraines in her life, her fiance urged her to go to the ER. She was originally told she had a migraine and was treated and sent home. Symptoms persisted, however, and she returned.

When her brain was imaged on a CAT scan, doctors found something shocking – she had suffered a stroke. The woman said that doctors immediately realized that the stroke had been caused by her birth control pills.

It’s extremely rare for young women to suffer strokes, but it does happen. The issue affects between four and eight out of every 100,000 patients, and doctors say that it’s more common in women who smoke while taking birth control pills. Pills with higher estrogen levels tend to increase the risk. Strokes occur when clots form, and in this woman’s case, it appeared that there was a blood clot in or near her brain.

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After she was treated, the woman said she was extremely grateful for her fiance and credited him with essentially saving her life. She noted that many young women don’t know about the stroke risk that comes with taking oral contraceptives. She hopes to raise awareness so anyone who suffers similar circumstances will know to seek medical attention as soon as they start, thus increasing their chances of survival.

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