This New Blood Test Can Tell You Any Virus That Has Ever Infected Your Body


This New Blood Test Can Tell You Any Virus That Has Ever Infected Your Body

Science has again created an outstanding medical advancement that only costs approximately $25.00. The advancement is a new blood test that is able to decipher any virus your body has had in your entire life. What is this new blood test? It is called VirScan. VirScan works differently from other blood tests and has been used in an experimental study to detect its effectiveness.

This New Blood Test Can Tell You Any Virus That Has Ever Infected Your Body

How VirScan Works
With regular blood testing, the medical professionals are able to look for a single virus due to the fact that the tests are only able to collect one pathogen at a time. So if there are several viruses that need to be tested, it takes several more tests and hours in the lab to find these answers, let alone the expensive cost for the patient.

VirScan works differently than traditional blood tests. In fact, with a single drop of blood, VirScan is able to detect more than 1,000 pathogens for one test. That’s 999 more than the traditional blood tests.

Working with the blood collected, VirScan is able to uncover the antibodies from your immune system that your body has had to use in order to fight the viruses. The test is thereby able to reveal any of the 206 viruses you have ever had since birth and viruses you may be currently fighting.

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Progress on VirScan

Produced by Stephen J. Elledge and his team at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Elledge and his team are putting VirScan to the test, and it is not falling short. Having tested a combined total of 569 people in the United States, Peru, Thailand, and South Africa, Elledge and his team were able to conduct a scientific study of VirScan and the incredible results it has had.

VirScan is a huge step forward in the medical field. It could be the beginning to finding more medical answers to help people with various diseases and more, such as HIV. Although it is still being used as research and is not yet available, VirScan will soon change the way everyone views blood testing.

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