This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job To Expose The Truth About Cancer


This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job To Expose The Truth About Cancer

Valerie Warwick didn’t start out on her crusade to educate and save lives with a notion of starting a war with conventional treatments of cancer. In fact she still believes that some conventional treatments work well with a nutritional option. The fact is that Valerie has firsthand experience working with cancer patients on a daily basis. She has noticed that conventional treatment quite often deplete necessary and essential nutrients from patients’ systems. It is almost like they are literally starving to death. Replacement of key nutrients increases the patient’s recovery rate almost immediately.

This Oncology Nurse Quit Her Job To Expose The Truth About Cancer

photo credit: Valerie Warwick

Valerie’s crusade for a cure for cancer actually started when her parents were diagnosed with cancer. She became the primary caregiver for both of them and watched helplessly as they succumbed. It was then she decided to go into the nursing profession. She longed to find a way to help others fight and survive cancer. She discovered rather quickly that the conventional treatment used a variety of toxic chemicals to treat cancer.

By 2008, when her best friend died of cancer, Valerie got disheartened by the results of conventional cancer treatment. She discovered alternative medicine based on nutrition. She researched various natural regimens. It wasn’t until she noticed the results of the natural regimens on one of her patients that she actually decided to start recommending it to others. It was also during that time that she realized that doctors and nurses were being threatened to cease and desist talking about the natural regimens or risk getting fired.

Her eyes were open to the pressure doctors and nurses were under to conform to normal conventional treatment. Her heart ached for the thousands of patients who were being deceived by their doctors about the effects of conventional treatment. She decided to quit her job of 17 years to educate and inform cancer patients that there are other options available besides the conventional treatments being pushed by doctors. This decision and the research she’d done led her to become a cancer “coach.”

It hasn’t been an easy road. Valerie has come across some obstacles. Awareness of the many alternate resources available is a key ingredient, she knows. Verifiable studies of how effective alternative nutritionally based treatments needed to be sought out. She discovered the Gerson Therapy. You can read more about it here: . She also discovered that there are doctors out there that practice integrative medicine like Dr. Weil. You can read his article here , drweil  Her website,, offers many resources and a practical blog about new breakthroughs in nutritional healing.

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