What Happens When You Eat Only Bananas for 12 Days? The Surprising Results


What Happens When You Eat Only Bananas for 12 Days? The Surprising Results

What would happen if you decided to eat only one food for an extended period of time? This is not generally recommended by health professionals because a well-rounded diet is necessary in order to get all of the nutrients a body needs. However, one nutritionist decided to see what would happen if she took this approach, eating only bananas for almost two weeks.

What Happens When You Eat Only Bananas for 12 Days The Surprising Results

The Benefits of Bananas

While not sufficient for a complete diet, bananas are undeniably a healthy food. They are high in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. In addition, they are a good source of both fiber and natural fruit sugar, which leaves people feeling full and satisfied after eating them. This fruit also is rich in antioxidants.

Bananas are known to aid weight loss and to prevent the development of chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. They even support a health nervous system and immune system. This handheld fruit packs a lot of health benefits!

Mono-Fruiting with Bananas

Mono-fruiting, or eating only one fruit for an extended period of time, is a quick way to detoxify and also to lose weight. It is not recommended by doctors, however, because it is impossible to get all of the nutrition you need from a single type of fruit. Nonetheless, nutritionist and motivational coach Yulia Tarabath decided to give mono-fruiting with bananas a try for twelve days.

The Effects of 12 Days of Bananas

Yulia noticed a few things throughout her experiment. First, she felt full and satisfied throughout the time period, as bananas are a very filling food. Second, she noticed an improvement in her digestion. Last, she felt calmer than normal and also more creative and focused. She found that she was able to engage in a variety of creative projects in a way she normally couldn’t.

Most astoundingly, several of her prior health problems disappeared. Yulia had struggled with high blood sugar and infertility for years. After twelve days eating only bananas, her blood sugar was completely stabilized and she conceived a pregnancy.

While no one should try an experiment like this without medical approval, it is clear that bananas do have some positive health effects. This twelve day stint of eating only bananas shows that this affordable and accessible fruit indeed packs quite a nutritious punch.

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