Treat Your Sunburned Lips with the 7 Quick Tips for a Natural Care


Treat Your Sunburned Lips with the 7 Quick Tips for a Natural Care

Your fun outing to the beach can turn out to be a nightmare in case you forget your sunscreen. Sun emits ultraviolet radiations that are known to cause severe damage to your skin. The damage caused may depend on your skin’s sensitivity and the period of sun exposure. Staying too long under the sun can cause burns that are quite embarrassing.

Sunburned Lips

Sunscreen lotions are the best remedies to prevent the harmful effect of sunrays so that your outing remains fun and does not create any trouble for you. Being much aware of the consequences of too much sun exposure, it is likely that you carry your sunscreen lotion everywhere and religiously apply it on your body. But many of you forget an essential part of your body, i.e., the lips. Yes, your lips too get affected by the sun. Protect this delicate part of the face with the much needed natural care.

What are sunburned lips?

Overexposure to sun rays has a damaging effect on your body as well as lips. Lips being a delicate organ of your body covered with only a thin layer of skin gets easily damaged by the sunrays. If you haven’t applied sunscreen to your lips, you may end up with dry and chapped lips. These excessively chapped lips happen due to the harmful sun rays. At times the lips might develop blisters too. Sunburned lips aren’t great. They are too embarrassing and at times may also cause a lot of pain. If you too have sun damaged rims and are looking for ways to treat them, then you are in the correct place. This article provides some easy tips on how to heal your sunburned lips quickly.

Symptoms of Sunburned Lips:

Here are the few signs that will help you identify whether your lips are sunburned or not:

•        You can feel a burning sensation in your lips.

•        Your lips feel excessively dry and tight.

•        You feel pain on touching your lips.

•        Your lips become chapped.

•        The lips become too tender leading to sores.

•        There is some bleeding from your lips.

•        There are pain and itching in your lips.

•        The lips develop an unusual shade of pink or red.

At Home Care or Natural Treatment for Sunburned Lips:

Your lips are most vulnerable to sun damage still they receive less of your care. Thus, your outing under the sun often ends with sunburned lips. Try the home remedies for the damaged lips and treat your lips quickly to avoid embarrassment. Following are the remedies that you may try to get back your happy smile.

1.     Hydrate yourself

When you are out in the sun, your body loses an excessive amount of water which causes dehydration. Your lips are the most delicate part of your body and get affected by it the most. Direct exposure to sun rays for long and too much loss of water significantly affects your lips making them dry and chapped.

How to use?

·         For healing, you need to replenish the water content in your body

·         Take more fluids like water, juices, coconut water and like

·         It helps in hydrating your body and turns your lips soft and supple again

2.     Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the best home remedies to treat sunburned lips. Aloe vera, being anti-inflammatory, helps in healing the burned lips and reducing the redness. Further, its soothing properties relieve you of the pain and blisters caused due to sun damage. It works like magic for your dry and chapped lips.

How to use?

·         Just cut a leaf of aloe vera plant, squeeze out the gel

·         Apply it on your lips as you get back home

·         The healing properties of aloe vera will nourish your lips and prevent any severe damage due to the sun rays

3.     Use Potato Juice

Potato juice is another excellent way to provide natural care to the cracks in lips caused by excessive dryness. The starch in potato juice treats blisters and effectively reduces the drought in the lips.

How to use?

·         For sunburned lips, take a potato and grate it

·         Squeeze out the juice

·         Apply it on your lips using a cotton ball

·         You can also directly use the grated potato on your lips

·         Keep it for some time till it gets dry

·         Then wash it off with water

·         The potato juice will help in healing the lips

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4. Green Tea

Green tea is the treasure of nature with numerous benefits. It is also great for your lips. The soothing properties of green tea reduce the inflammation caused due to sunburn. Also, the antioxidants present in it refreshes the skin layer and help in quick healing.

How to use?

·         Make a cup of green tea

·         Let it cool and after that keep it in your refrigerator for about 30 minutes

·         After 30 minutes, take a cotton ball and soak it in your green tea

·         After that, dab it on your lips

5.  Try oatmeal paste

Oatmeal is a useful ingredient and popular at home care or natural treatment for healing skin. The soothing properties of it make it an excellent remedy for sunburns. Moreover, it is easy to [G6] use and provides quick results.[G7] [G8]

How to use?

·         To use oatmeal for your sunburned lips, first of all, cook the oats as usual

·         Then let it cool

·         Once porridge cools down, apply it on your lips gently

·         Leave it for some time and after that rinse off with water

·         You can use this remedy once a day until your lips get soft and supple again

6. Massage Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is the answer for your every skin trouble. It is one of the best at home care or natural treatment to heal sunburns. You can quickly treat your dried and chapped lips with vitamin E oil.

How to use?

·         To address your sunburned lips, you can either ingest the oil in the form of

a capsule or apply the oil on your lips

·         For topically applying the oil, break open the Vitamin E capsule and use the oil

on the lips

·         Vitamin E is known to accelerate the healing process of skin as it helps in

the regeneration of skin cells

·         Massaging your lips with Vitamin E oil nourishes them turning them supple

once again

7. Apply Cold Milk

Cold milk is not only useful in treating the inflammation in the stomach but is also helpful in providing relief from sunburn. The soothing properties of raw milk will reduce the swelling. Moreover, it will moisturize your lips reducing the dryness.
How to use?

·         Just soak a cotton ball in it and dab it on your lips

·         Press the cotton against your lips for some time until it dries

·         You can try this remedy several times a day for quick results

How to prevent Lips from getting sunburned?

Prevention is always better than cure. While natural care can help heal the sunburned lips, but the process takes some time. Till then your lips might give you a lot of pain and trouble. Thus, it would be best to avoid such a painful and embarrassing condition by using apt preventive measures. Here are the ways to protect your lips from sun damage.

•        Use an SPF Lip balm

Often people use sunscreen on their body but forget all about the lips that are most delicate. Numerous lip balms with SPF are available in the market you can use them to keep to your lips protected. Use a lip balm with minimum SPF 15 to prevent sunburn. Keep your lip balm handy and apply it whenever you feel the need to do so. A lip balm with citrus extracts will be a better option as Vitamin C helps in quick healing of the skin.

•        Drink Fluids

While outside under the sun, you lose a lot of water from your body that worsens sunburn. Hence when you are out, make sure that you replenish the water in your body by taking an adequate amount of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. It is the best at home care or natural treatment for sunburn.

•        Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is your natural sunscreen. Thus it can be used to prevent sunburn in case you have nothing handy. Coconut oil contains SPF around 4 to 5 and antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage. Though the SPF amount is quite low, it is better to have something than nothing.

Why is Petroleum jelly avoided in case of sunburn?

The very first thought that comes to anyone’s mind after getting chapped lips is to apply petroleum jelly. It is the most common product used for moisturizing the lips. However, one must avoid using it on sunburned lips. Petroleum jelly does not soothe your skin but instead traps the heat, worsening the inflammation.

Final thought:

Sunburned lips are quite embarrassing and in severe conditions may cause a lot of pain and discomfort. As these contain very little melanin, they are more vulnerable to damage by the sun. Thus, it becomes necessary to give them a little bit more care and attention. You must protect them from the sun. If however your lips get damaged then try the home remedies mentioned above these effectively help in treating the inflamed lips.

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