What To Look For When Choosing an E Juice Brand


Did you realize that nearly 38 percent of all vapers are ex-smokers? Many people have found that vaping helps them curb their appetite for cigarettes.

While vaping is not a cure-all to prevent a person from smoking, it can definitely be used in place of cigarettes. Experts agree that vaping is far healthier than cigarette smoking and contains fewer harmful chemicals as well.

The key to having success with using vaping to quit cigarettes is finding the right e juices. With all of the different e juice liquids on the market, you will definitely have to do some work to find the right one to fit your needs.

What To Look For When Choosing an E Juice Brand

Often times, the search for the right e juice can be simplified when working with a knowledgeable supplier. Read below to find out more about the considerations you need to make when trying to narrow down the list of available e juices on the market.

Find Out Where the E Juice is Manufactured

One of the first things you need to find out before using a particular e juice is where it is manufactured. Usually, the companies that make these types of products will have a website. Visiting these websites is a great way to find some in-depth information about the company and the products they make.

Ideally, you will want to see pictures of the environment where the e juice is made. The more information you are able to find out about a particular e juice and how it is manufactured, the more at ease you will be about using it. Neglecting to find out this information can lead to you buying liquids that have been mixed in unsafe environments.

You Need to Know the PG and VG Ratio

Before you start to vape on a regular basis, you need to make sure you do not have allergies to either the PG or VG based liquids. The last thing you want to do is compromise your health due to ingesting things you are allergic to.

When trying to find the right e-liquid, you need to find out vital information like the PG/VG content and the nicotine level. Getting an e juice that contains a high amount of nicotine can make your vaping experience less than stellar.

Most experts recommend that you start with a nicotine level of 6mg and progress from there. As the years go by, your tolerance for nicotine may grow. If this is the case, you can steadily increase it until you feel like you have found the right formula.

What To Look For When Choosing an E Juice Brand

What Type of Container is the E Juice Being Stored In?

Over the past few years, e juice manufacturers have started to make a switch from plastic to glass containers. Plastic containers may have BPA and other harmful compounds in them. Also, glass bottles are much easier to sterilize and have a much longer shelf life than plastic. If the e juice you are looking at is housed in a plastic bottle, chances are you need to avoid using it.

Professional Labeling is Essential

Another important thing you need to look for when choosing e juice is professional labeling. Selecting an e juice that has labeling that describes what is in it and how high the nicotine level is can be beneficial. You will also need to choose an e juice that has a tamper-proof cap. Many of the e liquids on the market these days have childproof caps as well.

While finding the right e juice will be difficult, it is worth the effort you invest. Getting a bit of professional guidance can make this process much easier.


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