10 Warning Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Zinc And The Best Ways To Get It


10 Warning Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Zinc And The Best Ways To Get It

Zinc is an essential mineral that our bodies need in order to grow, maintain health, focus and be alert. Without proper nutrition, we risk becoming zinc deficient. There are a number of warning signs to show you might be zinc deficient.

Warning Signs You're Not Getting Enough Zinc

Warning Signs:

1.Growth and Development Problems
In order for children to grow and mature properly, they need proper amounts of zinc. Without adequate zinc, not only can they stunt their growth but they could face delay sexual maturing and face a number of infections

2.Hair Loss
Hair loss is a symptom of zinc deficiency. Not only can premature balding happen but also significant thinning.

It may not be the food you eat that causes diarrhea, but the lack of zinc causing poor food absorption.

4.Taste Changes
We all know taste buds rotate out every 7 years. However, zinc deficiency is a culprit of major changes in taste and desired food.

Impotence can surely be caused by zinc since it is responsible for proper blood flow.

6.Frequent Infections
If you find yourself or your child fighting constant infections, make sure they are checking your zinc levels.

7.Loss of Appetite
A lack of zinc can cause loss of appetite in children and adults.

8.Weight Loss
Zinc can affect the way you metabolize food and cause unexplainable weight loss. This can also be attributed to the loss of appetite and changes in taste.

9.Delayed Wound Healing
Without proper levels of zinc in your body, not only will your body fight infections but your body will also see a delay in wound healing. Delay in wound healing opens the body up to further risk of infections.

10.Mental Slowness
Zinc keeps us alert. It’s used to treat some cases in Attention Deficit Disorder in fact. If you feel like you’re walking around in a fog, have your doctor check your zinc.

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7 Foods That Replenish Zinc:

1. Seafood
Just 3 oz of cooked oysters can render 445% of the daily value (DV) or recommended allowance of zinc.

2.Beef (Lean)
A rack of ribs can supply 258% of DV of zinc.

3.Pumpkin Seeds
These gems pack 44% DV of zinc per cup.

1 cup of cashews can supply up to 51% DV in zinc.

5.Cocoa Powder
Here’s an excuse to eat chocolate. Cocoa Powder supplies up to 39% DV for cocoa powder, while dark baking chocolate supplies 85% DV.

3oz of pork will give you up to 28% DV.

Each tasty drumstick will supply your body with up to 15% DV.

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As always, eating healthy will provide your body with the proper nutrition needed to fuel your body properly. Without proper nutrition, zinc levels suffer and put us at risk of some serious risks.

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