Goodbye Cellulite: Easy homemade anti-cellulite cream (CLEANING)


Goodbye Cellulite: Homemade and easy to make anti-cellulite cream (CLEANING)


This is only a recipe that will help, but it is not something imminent, the article and image are taken as well … but all unbalances, disease, degeneration only healthy with an interior work, energy healing … but without doubt, this recipe is good for skin cleaning.

Cellulite is nothing more than an accumulation of toxins and fat in the adipose tissues of the body. This is usually noticed more in areas such as the stomach, buttocks, hips, and thighs.


To get rid of it the first thing is to eliminate toxins from your body, this is achieved by drinking lots of water, green juices, healthy food and constant exercise. But what happens when you do all this: you have an admirable diet, you exercise regularly, your weight is adequate and yet the skin of your thighs looks lumpy and bulky … then we have a wonderful recipe that you can do yourself and that will improve Pretty the appearance of your skin.


Investigating all those commercial anti-cellulite creams that are usually very expensive, we realized that we can imitate them at a very low cost and easily with ingredients from your kitchen. The vast majority of these creams have an active ingredient caffeine, so we found out about the effects of caffeine on the skin. This increases blood flow by helping to mobilize the fatty cells that are deposited under the skin and disappearing, another ingredient that solves this problem is sea salt as it acts as an exfoliator and stimulates circulation when rubbed. Olive oil binds these two ingredients and moisturizes the skin naturally.



★ 1 cup of coffee grounds a day (what’s left when you make coffee)

★ Extra virgin olive oil

★ 1 Tablespoon of Sea Salt

★ Sponge or paste





  1. In a large bowl combine coffee grounds with olive oil and salt. Use enough oil to create a thick paste. You choose how scratchy you like the texture of the scrub, the more salt the more scraped, our suggestion is a spoonful.


  1. 35 minutes before the bath apply the mixture using the paste or sponge. Massage well thighs, buttocks, stomach and hips. You will see fantastic results with just a week to do it.


  1. After massaging well and the mixture is well spread through the problem areas, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and wait 30 minutes.


  1. Rinse first in warm water (hot not!) And for better results then use the water as cold as you hold it (hot water dries and stresses the skin).


Ready! Your skin will look radiant from the first application and to greater use you will see better and better results, this scrub fights against cellulite from the outside to the inside but remembers that a lot of water, exercise and a clean diet will fight from the inside out.



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