Tips to Remove Nail Fungi


6 Tips to Remove Nail Fungi

Fungal infections that affect the nails of the feet and hands are known in medical terms as onychomycosis, a condition that can cause discoloration, peeling and weakening of them.

Because of the environment in which it develops, this fungal infection is the highest incidence worldwide, and affects approximately 3% to 4% of the population, with men being the most prone.

Mycosis in the nails is usually more common in the feet than in the hands, because the footwear, the socks or the exposure to humid and warm places propitiates its proliferation.

Mushrooms or also called onychomycosis is a condition that affects the nails of the feet and hands, in some cases, it occurs mildly or seriously, for this we must take due care and not let it settle for a long time so that it is easier to eliminate them.


For our good luck, there are these 6 tips to eliminate nail fungus in a healthy way and with products that you surely have at home. These natural remedies have already been proven by hundreds of people who testify to their effectiveness.

Do not let them tell you about it and, in a short time, eliminate the fungi, nobody likes to show off their careless nails and with an ugly appearance because that’s what mushrooms leave behind. The nail turns yellow, green and in some cases, it turns black. Do not let this give you a solution.


Treatment with garlic


Garlic is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial par excellence, therefore its natural power to eliminate fungi makes them the first candidates to solve our onychomycosis problem. You should only apply garlic on the toenails that have fungi and leave for 20 minutes. After this time perform your normal cleaning to eliminate the strong smell left by the garlic.


Yogurt treatment


The yogurt is a large source of bacteria that will counteract the fungi of the nails to eliminate them thanks to its fungicidal effect. If you want in a natural way to kill the mushrooms you must place natural yogurt on the nails, leave for 20 minutes. This process can be done until the fungi have been definitively eliminated.


Treatment with essence of the Tea Tree


The properties of the essence of the tea tree are beneficial and effective, its anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antimicrobial power fight the appearance of fungi and cause the nail to fall that has been affected by fungi. You must apply 5 drops of tea tree essence on your affected nails and place a clean half. Leave on all night.


Treatment with Vick Vaporub


Vick vaporub has become popular for its effective properties to eliminate nail fungus. It is a very simple treatment to do, you should only place vick vaporub on the toenails with mushrooms and leave for 30 minutes. It is recommended that if you start to feel itchy, rub this ointment in your hands and rub it on your nails to prevent the fungus from spreading.

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