Brandy butter: traditional English sweet Christmas sauce


Brandy butter: traditional English sweet Christmas sauce
With the name of Brandy butter, we know a delicious sweet butter sauce very popular in English Christmas. Discover how to make it at home and other surprises.

There are many Christmas traditions that spread throughout the world. England was not going to be an exception and in terms of gastronomy also has its dishes for these holidays. In this case, we highlight the butter sauces, and especially, Brandy butter: traditional English sweet Christmas sauce.

Brandy butter is usually eaten at desserts during Christmas and also New Year. Containing? The sauce is formed by a mixture of dark sugars, that is, unrefined; unsalted butter and brandy.

Receta de Brandy Butter

It is remarkable to leave it in the fridge to be totally consistent. It is not necessary to heat it because it is eaten cold to combine perfectly with other hot winter desserts or to take it together with cookies.

You can accompany, for example, the traditional plum pudding that is also usually eaten on these dates or the mince pies, a kind of apple tartlets with butter and various dried fruits that are baked. Then, the contrast between these hot desserts and the cold butter brandy on the palate makes it an exceptional sauce.

Butter sauce is not traditional in Spain, but in other European countries where the consumption of butter is usually higher yes. And it also accompanies many dishes, especially Christmas or high-top parties. Also, as we see in this sauce, it is also traditional to mix it with liquor, like brandy.

How to make brandy butter: a wonderful special recipe
How to make brandy butter? We take about 125 grams of butter (without salt), 30 grams of brown sugar and 2 large spoons of rum or brandy. We put the butter in a bowl, add sugar, and wait for it to soften.

Descubre cómo elaborar Brandy Butter

Then the brandy is added, mixed and you get a soft cream. Afterwards, let it rest in the fridge for 3 hours. Then it can be served and mixed with hot desserts to contrast flavors. It can be kept in the refrigerator for several months, as long as it is well closed.

Another recipe for butter sauce: delicious French sauce
The homemade butter sauce is perfect, not only for desserts, as they do in England, but also to accompany meats and fish. For example, to make white butter sauce or better known as French sauce we will need ¼ cup of white vinegar, ¼ cup of dry white wine, 2 sticks of unsalted butter that are cut into pieces, salt, and pepper.

The liquids are boiled and then the butter is added in pieces. While it is beating vigorously with a wire whisk and we are adding more butter. When you have achieved the texture you want, you usually add salt and pepper to taste. With this sauce, you can also incorporate alcohol and mustard or, even honey if you prefer. Other variants are orange and lemon butter sauces.

Other English Christmas dishes
At Christmas, there are other very particular English dishes. The taste is something different from Spanish, but if you want to take a risk and give a different menu on these dates, it sure wins.


The main course of Christmas in the UK is usually the turkey, which is stuffed and is accompanied by pigs in blankets, a kind of sausage, and sauce prepared with the natural juices of the turkey while it is baked. Then there are also vegetables and roasted potatoes with butter. Cream of vegetables such as pumpkin is usually used before the turkey.

As we have seen, desserts range from traditional pudding to brandy butter sauce, gingerbread cookies, and/or apple tarts. If we want to opt for a menu more cold, easy and casual, but also traditional English, then we can make a small appetizer based on sausages or small pizzas, among other dishes.



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