Doctors Couldn’t Solve Her Crippling Foot Pain Problem For 15 Years Until This Beautician Pulled Her Toe


Doctors Couldn’t Solve Her Crippling Foot Pain Problem For 15 Years Until This Beautician Pulled Her Toe

Debbie Thompson is 54 and a mother of three kids. She and her kids were in New York in 2001 when she suffered an unknown injury during a day of walking. The next morning, she found that it was difficult to stand on her left foot without a thick-soled shoe. The pain was too much. So she went to a podiatrist the next morning and the only solution they could think of was surgery.

Thompson went home and waited an extra 22 months, rather patiently, for the surgery. The doctor had managed to give her the diagnosis of dropped metatarsal, but the first surgery failed to do anything for her. So she had a second surgery. The same result. A third surgery, and finally a fourth surgery, also failed to produce any lasting, pain relieving results.

For the past 15 years, she has been unable to wear anything but flip-flops and thick soled shoes to keep her weight off the painful bone that was bulging from the bottom of her foot. She had to throw away all her comfortable, fashionable shoes to do this and had to buy new shoes over the years long period.

Couldn't walk

She was absolutely devastated, but had resigned to the fact that the doctors were unable to do anything to truly help rid her of her pain. As a result, for 15 years, she had to wear the thick soled shoes for any level of comfort.

As a former ballerina and a mother, this was very upsetting. She couldn’t even wear heels because of how much it hurt to put weight on her foot. She’s a size 20, so putting the weight on one foot was incredibly difficult.

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However, her life changed when she visited a nail parlor in her hometown of Bath, Somerset, England. She was getting a pedicure, and something different happened during the message. The beautician – a woman named Holly – had not even been practicing for a year, yet managed to help relieve her pain more than any of the doctors had.

Pulled toe

She popped the toe back into place. She had felt the dislocated bone but had not done anything more than the simple massage that is standard with a pedicure. The bone popped back into place, and Holly stopped. A look of immense pain had come over Thompson’s face, but it passed a few moments later and they continued on with the pedicure.

Thompson went to her doctor the next day to see if it was a temporary flare up of pain, or if the beautician had actually done something right. Surprisingly, the beautician’s massage had done more to help relieve the pain than even her doctors thought possible. Though Thompson still had a little bit of pain, the majority of it was gone.

Thompson returned to the salon a few days later to thank Holly. The beautician was quite surprised that the simple massage helped so much, but the two have bonded over it and become friends.


Thompson now reports that she can walk without having to wear thick soled shoes. She’s looking forward to wearing heels for her daughters’ weddings and is looking forward to being able to return to enjoying life. She can even go en pointe, or up on her toes, again.

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