Effective And Natural Pancreas Regeneration Treatment To Prevent Diabetes


Effective And Natural Pancreas Regeneration Treatment To Prevent Diabetes 

Diabetes is a prevalent and devastating disease. In 2012, it was reported that over 29 million Americans had some type of diabetes. Of the 29 million, over 8 million of those people were undiagnosed. That does not account for the many millions more who have pre-diabetes, and who are destined to develop diabetes without treatment or lifestyle changes.

Effective And Natural Pancreas Regeneration Treatment To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is found in people of all ages and races but is most common in African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics. Also, an alarming 26% of American over the age of 65 are said to have some type of diabetes. Diabetes is listed as the seventh leading cause of death, but many medical professionals believe it is largely under-reported as the cause or an underlying cause of death. It is attributed to such conditions as heart attacks, hypoglycemia, and hypertension.

There are different kinds of diabetes, but it is basically the presence of too much glucose. The pancreas produces insulin that normalizes the blood sugar levels. The pancreas typically remains healthy and regenerates itself until puberty, but after that, the loss of pancreatic beta cells hinder the production of insulin.

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Some common sense rules for a healthy pancreas include limiting your consumption of alcohol and maintaining a healthy low-fat diet. Another healthy treatment for your pancreas is drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in it. Be careful with this, however, if you have any kind of digestive or acid-reflux issues.

But, extensive research shows we can also directly combat the loss of pancreatic beta cells. Below is a recipe that will help you regenerate your pancreas and may prevent the onset of diabetes:

Recipe to Regenerate Pancreas:

• 100 grams-Rye meal that consist of whole wheat grain- bran or germ
• One liter of water
• ½ tsp of Salt
• One tsp chia seeds
• One Tbsp. of chopped hazelnuts
• One Tbsp. of chopped walnuts
• One Tbsp. of chopped banana or organic raspberry syrup

• Put the first two ingredients together in a big pot and cook for an hour without boiling.
• Add the remaining ingredients
• Mix all together and divide into three parts

• Consume 1/3 of the mixture 20 minutes before breakfast, the second 1/3 of the mixture 20 minutes before lunch and the final third twenty minutes before dinner
• This process should be repeated every 20 days
• While undergoing this process, you also need to be on a reasonable healthy diet that includes foods that are high in magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

The synergy of the nutrients and enzymes of the ingredients promotes the regeneration of the beta cells. Nuts and seeds being high in Omega 3s have been found to help prevent numerous pancreatic conditions, such as pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Bananas are high in phosphorus, also vital for a healthy pancreas and the whole wheat product is low in fat. If you are glucose intolerant you may want to substitute a gluten product for the whole-wheat grain.

Of course, if you have concerns about diabetes or other pancreatic conditions, it is always wise to discuss these issues with your doctor.

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