How His 40-Pound Weight Loss In 3 Months Made Him $50,000 Richer


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How His 40-Pound Weight Loss In 3 Months Made Him $50,000 Richer

It turns out that losing weight and getting in shape can make you a lot of money. Losing a few pounds and getting into the habit of exercising regularly are among the most common New Year’s resolutions. It is perhaps for this reason that holds an interesting fitness challenge every January: The 12-week Body Transformation Challenge, which offers handsome rewards to the top participants.

How His 40-Pound Weight Loss Made Him $50,000 Richer

In 2014, a 45-year old man from Ohio was selected as one of the most impressive winners of the challenge, which is sponsored by a respected brand of nutritional supplements. Matt Manning lost 40 lbs in three months, but the amount of muscle mass and definition he gained captured the attention of many nutritional and fitness professionals.

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According to Manning, his decision to take part in the Body Transformation Challenge resulted from what he considered to be a wake-up call. He had gained a lot of weight and become sedentary in his early 40s, and his fitness level declined to a scary point. Manning thought that his weight gain was compromising his cardiac health; he once suffered a fainting episode and then he saw his father go through a cardiac valve transplant.

After making the decision to change and signing up for the transformation challenge, Manning became extremely focused on fitness. He was very disciplined in terms of working out, and he portioned his meals. He also realized that he needed an adequate nutritional intake, which is why he chose to incorporate healthy foods that would help him achieve his weight loss and fitness goals.

Manning’s wife and children were very supportive of his mission, and he had nearly forgotten about the challenge when he got a surprise visit at his gym. Two staff members in charge of organizing the challenge rewarded him with a gym duffel bag filled with $50,000 in cash.

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[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”…”] is an Internet retailer of nutritional supplements that features valuable information and social interaction for individuals interested in health, nutrition, fitness, and physical performance. The Body Transformation Challenge used to reward $50,000 to one male and one female contestant; these days, the prize has increased to $100,000 for the top participants, plus five other contestants who get $10,000 each if they earn People’s Choice recognitions.

Manning’s incredible transformation from an out-of-shape man approaching middle age to a strapping bodybuilder has brought a lot of attention to the challenge and the fact that eating certain healthy foods and following natural meal plans can bring about very positive changes. To ensure that all challenge participants have a fair chance at achieving their goals, is now providing assistance in the form of workout and meal plans. Progress is kept by means of an online diary that can be viewed and evaluated by judges and the public; this serves as a helpful diary for all participants.

In the end, Manning’s example is worthy of being followed by all those who make fitness and nutrition part of their New Year’s resolutions.


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