Watch How This Doctor Saves a Mother’s Newborn


Watch How This Doctor Saves a Mother’s Newborn

In this video, a baby in distress is rescued by a heroic doctor. The doctor thinks fast and reaches down the baby’s throat to retrieve a small object. You can see how this doctor saves a mother’s newborn. This baby is going to be fine. But you should be very careful when you let your baby play around the house.

Humans choke when they cannot breathe because food or another object is blocking the airway. Babies are prone to choking because they like to put things in their mouths. Babies also lack teeth to properly chew something up before swallowing. Most babies who choke do so on small items such as buttons, coins, or watch batteries. A completely blocked airway will cause an infant to not be able to make sounds or breathe, and a partially blocked airway makes it difficult to breathe. A partially blocked airway can quickly become a completely blocked airway and cause death.

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Watch How This Doctor Saves a Mother's Newborn

Babies who are choking may turn a bluish color, and their rib cage may be sunken as they struggle to breathe. They may be unable to cry and they may attempt to cough.

To keep your home safe for your baby, keep small objects out of reach. Since babies sped a lot of time on the floor, check your floor for small objects often.

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