6 Free Health Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of


6 Free Health Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

It is well-known that the cost of medical services everywhere continue to rise. Thought, a number of benefits remain free and easily accessible to the public. These six health benefits are routinely offered by health care providers and come at no cost to clients. Make sure you aren’t spending more than you need to on these basic care items.

6 Free Health Benefits You're Not Taking Advantage Of

Birth Control
County health agencies and walk-in clinics throughout the country give away birth control methods like condoms for free. People can take as many as they want without having to pay or explain anything. Health agencies located on colleges campuses and in high schools also commonly give condoms away to patients who express an interest.

Pregnancy Testing
Many county health care agencies and pregnancy resource centers also offer free pregnancy testing. The tests are like those offered for sale over-the-counter at big box and drug stores. However, they come at no cost to women who want to be tested for pregnancy. If they are pregnant, women typically are then referred to a local obstetrician for further testing and medical services. They also may receive information about how to apply for state aid if they are uninsured.

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Blood Sugar Tests
Hospitals and medical clinics that utilize telemedicine services often offer glucose testing for free. Individuals who are at risk of diabetes or have been diagnosed with this condition can have their blood glucose levels tested for free. If their numbers are high, patients may then be referred to another doctor for treatment.

Blood Pressure Checks
You can find free blood pressure checks available at a number of different places. Nursing colleges typically offer this service once or twice a month to give their students practice on how to take proper blood pressure readings. Many pharmacies and big box retail stores also have free blood pressure checking machines available.

Disability Benefits

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for benefits if you have been injured or disabled on the job. This is usually offered through your social security account services and may require some paperwork. Talk to a Social Security Work lawyer to see what you may be eligible for.

Lice Checks
Head lice is considered a communicable infection for which free checks are offered. People who suspect that they or their family members have lice, can have their hair and bodies checked for free at their local county health agency. If they do have lice, the agency will then provide lice-killing shampoo at little to no cost.

Flu Vaccines
As flu season gets underway, many hospitals host free flu vaccination giveaways. The vaccines are provided at no cost, and typically are made available at drive-thru vaccination clinics.

Several medical services come at no cost, and are designed to improve people’s health. People who want to save money can take advantage of these six free health benefits.

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