He Sprinkled Salt on Wax Paper, then Grabbed an Iron. The Results are Amazing!


He Sprinkled Salt on Wax Paper, then Grabbed an Iron. The Results are Amazing!

Salt has been regarded as a purifying substance in many cultures. However, this particular video addresses several unusual applications for common table salt that can clean your home and your appliances.

He Sprinkled Salt Into The Wax Paper And Then Gets An Iron. The Result The Most Useful


  • Have you ever been ironing and found something sticky clinging to the metal? An iron-safe surface, a sheet of wax paper, and a liberal application of salt will “de-gunk” your iron.
  • Ever drop an egg and groan at the mess? Salt is a wonderful coagulant that will suck up smashed eggs better and swifter than any paper towel.
  • Salt can be used to smother dangerous grease fires and can restore pans burnt from inattention on the eye of a stove when mixed with water. You can even use salt water (at a ratio of 1 salt:4 water) as a cleaning soak for the sponge made dirty from scrubbing a burnt pan.
  • Turpentine and salt make for a great at-home alternative to name-brand bathroom surface cleaners, just make sure to use gloves and ventilate the area.
  • An even mixture of salt and baking soda, followed by an equivalent amount of white vinegar produces a drain-clearing reaction. Flush with boiling water after 15 minutes.

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