Oatmeal, figs and honey smoothie: recipe and benefits


Oatmeal, figs and honey smoothie: recipe and benefits
How to make a nutritious oatmeal smoothie with figs and honey? Discover your recipe and the benefits and properties that this wonderful energy drink brings you.

Both for those who suffer from lactose intolerance and those who do not, and who prefer to substitute milk of animal origin for other vegetable and much more natural options, there is no doubt that the so-called vegetable milk becomes wonderful options. Although everything has to be said, in reality, we are faced with an error of name and denomination since not being made with milk but with water, truly the correct name of this type of liquids so nutritious and beneficial for our health is the of vegetable drinks.

As you probably know, vegetable drinks are drinks made from the cooking of water and some cereal, dried fruit or seed, which is later crushed and strained. It is true that, at present, it is possible to find ourselves in the market with a wide variety of vegetable drinks, for all tastes. However, the so-called oat milk (whose most correct name would be the oatmeal drink) is one of the most popular and consumed.

Receta de batido de avena con higos y miel

Indeed, the vegetable milk of oats is characterized as a delicious drink made with water and oat flakes. It stands out not only for being light and for having a great hydrating and refreshing capacity; it also does it for its incredible nutritional wealth and for the different benefits it brings.

It is a versatile drink that makes it possible to prepare a wide variety of nutritious shakes, such as the oatmeal, figs, and honey drink shake we are talking about on this occasion.

Oatmeal, figs and honey drink smoothie recipe

Ingredients that you need

1 glass of oat milk (250 ml.)
2 ripe figs
1 spoon of honey dessert

Steps to make the oatmeal smoothie with figs and honey

Wash the figs well and remove the top part. Then cut them in half and put them in the glass of the blender together with the glass of oat milk. Now beat everything well until the figs have combined with the oatmeal drink.

At the moment of serving sweeten with a dessertspoonful of honey, or if you wish you can replace it with brown sugar cane, panela or stevia.


What benefits does this vegetable shake give you?
It helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels: if you have high cholesterol or triglycerides, this shake is especially useful to lower high levels of fats in the blood, especially LDL cholesterol and triglycerides themselves.

It encourages you and helps you feel better: it contains psychoactive substances especially useful in case of asthenia, depression, and sadness, so it is an ideal drink to improve your mood and bring you more fullness and well-being.

Useful for autumn: as you surely know, figs are the fruit par excellence of autumn, and rightly so, since being very rich in vitamins of group B help to reduce autumnal asthenia. This quality combines perfectly with oats, which is also suitable for improving the mood.

Reduces and prevents constipation: due to its richness insoluble fiber, it is a very suitable drink for those who suffer from occasional constipation, at the same time as it helps to improve intestinal transit.

Very energetic: while oatmeal is a tremendously energetic food rich in complex carbohydrates, figs tend to be somewhat caloric because of their rich carbohydrates, so it is a very energetic drink ideal for athletes, students and those who wish an extra contribution of energy.


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