10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget


10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget?

14 months into growing our vegetables and we can’t stop! We started small; first with tomatoes and herbs, and then expanded our tiny vegetable farm for lettuce, chilies, broccoli, peas, and sprouts. The advantages of growing our veggies in the backyard were shone upon me by my son’s school project.

He was given the task to grow sprouts at home. We helped him to get the project done, and in the process, we thought of trying out a few more vegetables. One thing led to another, and now we have about seven different produce growing in the shelter.

If you are considering growing your vegetables at home, this post will help you make you an informed decision. Understand what it takes to maintain a vegetable garden and know the ‘sweet fruits’ of your hard work, too.

Get Rid of ‘Food Safety’ Worries


Your garden, your rules! You get to decide what type of fertilizers, compost or chemicals you’d like to put into your veggies; therefore, increasing the health score of your produce while still keeping insects at bay. Keep your veggies healthy by using green waste as compost instead of chemical fertilizers. Green waste can be homemade; therefore, you may not need to spend your hard earnings in chemical fertilizers.

Improve Your Family’s Health with All-Organic Food

With you calling the shots of what goes in the garden, it directly controls of what goes into your body as well. You can determine the steep difference a store-bought pack of lettuce, and a fresh plucked out handful of lettuce holds. Not to mention; the taste differs on a large scale. Can you guess which makes your dishes taste better? Yes! The homegrown ones; nonetheless, it will keep your pockets intact.

Heal Skin Issues with Organic Tomato

10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget

One of my favorite perks of growing tomatoes in the backyard is how I can get rid of acne with organic tomato. It is just not the same with tomatoes grown with injected chemicals. The acidity of tomatoes helps decrease the inflammation of your skin and purifies it.

How to? – Blend the organic tomato into a smooth puree and apply it onto affected areas for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cool water and pat dry. 

Gardening Outdoor helps Mental and Physical Health

10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget

You not only receive vitamin D from the direct source but also have fun while doing it. A medical research says that gardening helps uplift your mood, unlike many other outdoor activities due to the ‘fruits’ the activity reaps. You get a sense of pride in growing your ingredients.

Vegetables from the Grocery Store Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget

The backyard garden has shown tremendous help in my monthly budget. Although, to start up the garden it did take some minor investment, all of it was recovered in the first harvest. You don’t have to buy everyday ingredients from the market.

It is a Great Activity for the Family to do Together

Ever since we have started growing our produce, the entire family participates in the process of gardening. The little one accompanies me every time I plow and sow seeds in the vegetable bed. We take turns in watering the fresh-sown saplings day by day.

As we started exploring hydroponics V/s. Soil, my kids were fascinated with the idea of growing vegetables without soil. However, we’re still researching our bit about it and shall keep you updated if we decide to upgrade our garden.

It will Increase Your Social Reach

We do participate in community gardening too. Since we can’t grow all varieties of vegetables and fruits in our small backyard, our friends grow the rest and vice and verse. We exchange our produce on a community level, and that helps us socialize with people who have the same interests as us.

Ensure Freshness On-the-Go

You never have to make dishes out of stale or packed vegetables unlike with the case of store bought veggies. Whenever you wish to cook up your favorite recipe, just walk out to the garden and pluck the ingredients you need. I swear on my famous pasta, fresh farm produce makes all the difference in its taste.

Some Extra Pocket Money

When you have kilos of tomatoes and chilies growing in your home every week, you’re not going to be able to utilize all of it for a family of 4. You could take it to the local vegetable market and have it sold to the vendors. They’ll pay you a good price for the organic and fresh produce.

Great Environmental Effect

With fewer chemicals going into the surface of the earth, you’ll be contributing a great deal in preserving natural lands. While deciding which composite to go for in our soil from amongst Perlite V/s. Vermiculite, we discovered that this help retains water in the soil and improve aeration in the surface. Doing all this without harming the quality of the soil is what impressed us.

Now that you have seen the benefits of having your little farm in the backyard itself, we hope to have gotten you a step closer to making a change in your kitchen and family’s health.

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