The Shape of Your Nose is not a Coincidence and Says a lot About You!



A nose is considered large when it’s disproportionate to the rest of the face. This type has large nostrils and wide tips. The bridge may be either short or long. A large nose signifies ambition and leadership. It shows a desire to work independently. The bearer of this nose likes to be the boss. They’re confident and self-reliant. They step up to the plate when it comes to challenges. Large-nosed folk tend to be perfectionists. They think on their feet and make quick decisions. Although lighthearted, they can get emotional.

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A nose of this class is small in length and width. The tip is neither round nor sharp. The short-nosed person is sensitive and kind. They have a sweet, endearing personality. They’re creative, spontaneous, and fun. They enjoy being part of a team. In contrast to their small size, they have expansive hearts. They like helping others and contributing to causes. You can count on them in emergencies.

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A Pinocchio nose is a sign of a decisive person. This type likes action, sports, and travel. Their dynamic nature demands freedom, movement, and space. They like getting things done quickly, which makes them efficient. People with long noses are intuitive. They have a knack for business and make great leaders.


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Here’s a word association for this type – “short and sweet.” Short-nosed people are also sensitive and loyal. They’re kind and sympathetic. They tend to be reserved and shy. They’re also hard-working.


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This type is considered the perfect schnoz. The term derives from the prefix “rhino,” which is Greek for nose. Also known as straight, this shape has narrow nostrils and a pointed tip. It’s streamlined, with no depressions. The bridge is high and long. The words that pinpoint this type are “well-chiseled.” The Greek nose has a host of positive qualities: intelligence, optimism, skill, composure, compassion, and romanticism. Greek noses signify good leaders. They’re disciplined and destined for success.


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