This Loving Father Turns His Daughter’s Eye-Patches Into Something Fabulous!


This Loving Father Turns His Daughter’s Eye-Patches Into Something Fabulous!

Can you think of anyone who wears an eyepatch that isn’t incredibly awesome? We’ve got Marvel’s Nick Fury, the epic Snake Plissken, and just about every pirate to sail the seven seas. These days there’s a new eye patch wearer on the scene: little Layla Grubb.


Look out! The cute toddler wears a turtle jacket to go with her Michael Angelo eye-patch

Diagnosed with a cataract in one eye, two-year-old Layla must wear her patches for a few hours each day. Her father, Geof Grubb, is grateful that the treatment should prevent his little girl from needing surgery but found the plain, nude-colored adhesives depressing. Instead, this stay-at-home dad found a way to liven up the prescribed bandages: art.


What Star Wars patch is complete without Princess Leia buns?

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It started as simple pen designs such as a monocle, cartoon eyes and a classic pirate patch. But these quickly evolved into colored drawings featuring characters from Layla’s favorite cartoons or what must be Dad’s geek influence, like Marvel heroes, Star Wars and even Homestar Runner’s Trogdor the Burninator.


What year is it? Layla laughs as she celebrates the start of 2015 with an appropriate eye-patch and bottle of bubbly

While coming up with new ideas can be a challenge, the patch art has turned Layla’s treatment into something more enjoyable and the practice helps Geof to be consistent in applying the bandages. While it once seemed like a dismal diagnosis, the toddler’s cataract turned out to bring her family some beautiful opportunities. After gaining attention with a Reddit post, Geof started posting photos of his girl’s eye patches on Instagram. Through social media, he connected with other families dealing with eye patch treatments and formed a camaraderie with them.


Recognize this one: This colorful version of the Apple design is well known these days

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All smiles: Layla modeling a Bambi eye-patch at Christmas time in the Grubb family


Cheeky: Layla sports another design, this time featuring a smiling dog, as she sits next to her tiger teddy

As for Layla, she doesn’t appreciate the patch art much yet; she’s always happy when it’s time to get that annoying, sticky thing off her face. But that is sure to change as the little lady ages. Requests for specific characters will undoubtedly be around the corner and when her treatment is over, Dad will have to find something else to draw on. Maybe he’ll start sending her to school with decorated lunch bags like David Laferriere or Byran Dunn, some other awesome illustrating dads.

Loving Dad

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