Can’t Sleep? Place This Under Your Tongue Tonight and You Will Feel Amazing in the Morning!


Can’t Sleep? Place This Under Your Tongue Tonight and You Will Feel Amazing in the Morning!

Recent scientific health findings has got everyone scared of the words “salt” and “sugar.” We have been told that salt and sugar consumption is linked to everything from feelings of fatigue to chronic illness. Though we should be wary of these findings, and vigilant about what we put into our bodies, salt and sugar actually provide a host of health benefits if consumed in small amounts.

Fights Insomnia
This mixture of salt and sugar is so notoriously effective at fighting insomnia that it is often referred to as a “magic sleeping powder.” The reason is simple: glucose and balanced sodium levels help reduce stress. Stress hormones damages your body’s metabolism in such a way that it prevents and/or disrupts sleep. According to Health and Healthy Living, the glucose found in sugar signals the body to stop its production of these stress hormones by allowing a direct flow of fuel to the mitochondria. Salt helps balance your Natrium levels, which enables your body’s homeostatic state to keep its adrenaline levels under control. These two foods combined make a powerful sleeping agent to fight stubborn insomnia.

Other notable benefits:
boosts immune system
eliminates headaches
increased serotonin levels (anti-stress effect)
energizes and revitalizes
adjusts electrolyte levels
reduces anxiety

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How It Works:
Are you convinced now? Good. So how much salt and sugar, exactly, should we be using to reap their benefits without endangering our health? According to Matt Stone, an American independent scientist and wellbeing specialist, the magic ratio is 5 to 1. Combine 5 tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of salt into a jar. This amount should last you a long time. Use it right before bed or in the middle of a sleepless night by shaking the jar then using a teaspoon measure or just your fingers to take a pinch of the mixture. Place the pinch of mixture under your tongue and let it dissolve and work its magic! For maximum efficacy, make the mixture using raw brown sugar and Himalayan salt (should you not have these ingredients, ordinary sugar and salt will still work).

Salt and sugar are not the enemy. Excessive consumption is not advised, but a little pinch under the tongue before bed can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. So if you ever find yourself awake at 3 in the morning, tossing and turning in bed, see for yourself what a little bit of “magic sleeping powder” can do for you!

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