Eating A Handful of This Seed Will Improve Your Gut Health!


Eating A Handful of This Seed Will Improve Your Gut Health!

Many people love this tropical, sun-kissed fruit, with its creamy orange inside filled with hundreds of dark, shiny black seeds. However, many people eat the sweet inside, wasting the rest. Actually, the whole fruit has amazing health benefits! In Cuba, people call this special fruit “”Fruta de Bomba”, and it literally is a bomb of enzymes, minerals, and important nutrients. Christopher Columbus referred to it as the “fruit of the angels.” In Costa Rica and Mexico, the papaya tree is known as the “tree of good health.”

The lesser-known part of the papaya, the seeds, contain a protein-digesting enzyme called papain, or papaya proteinase, which is often used for meat tenderizing, and for aiding digestion. The seeds also contain chymopapain, a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down the protein in foods into the amino acids that your body needs. Papaya seeds are also famous for their antibacterial properties, fighting against food poisoning, salmonella and staphylococcus infections. They also powerfully fight viruses.

If that’s not enough to entice you, here are some of the other benefits of using the seeds, though there are many more.

Gets rid of parasites:
Many people who suffer from chronic ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue actually have parasites. These can be eliminated, and you can also ward parasites off, by using ¼ cup of papaya seeds with a tablespoon for honey, for just 10 days.

Stops the growth of cancer cells:
Papaya seeds are effective in fighting hormone-related cancers and other cancers. It can stop the growth of metastasized cells and normalize cell production. Researchers found that out of 14 tropical fruits commonly consumed, the pips from the papaya were effective in stopping the growth of breast cancer cells.

Liver and kidney health:
Papaya seeds play a helpful role in the cleansing and regeneration of the liver. The valuable enzymes of these seeds are said to heal even cirrhosis of the liver. The seeds also have immense benefit for the kidneys – effectively treating kidney disease and preventing renal failure.

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Calming Properties:
Eating the seeds reduces your blood pressure, which therefore has a calming effect on the system.

Natural contraception:
Traditional tribes of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia use papaya seeds as reliable contraceptives. They eat one spoonful per day. This dosage makes them infertile within 3 months without any side effects. Fertility reliably returns once the intake of papaya seeds is stopped.

Don’t waste these little seeds! What is the best way to eat them? Use fresh or dried. You can dry the seeds on a tray in the sun or simply at room temperature inside. Then use as a decoration on cakes, in your salad dressing, or eat a spoonful with honey. Or, use a mortar and pestle to crush the seeds and add them to your pepper grinder. Sprinkle on your food or take mixed with a spoonful of lime juice.

Remember, you don’t need to eat much at once. When you scrape out the fresh seeds, keep them in a sealed container for continued usage. Pregnant women and children should not eat papaya seeds – they are too powerful and can cause problems with breastfeeding, pregnancy, and a child’s intestines.

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