How to Naturally Heal Your Liver Within A Month


How to Naturally Heal Your Liver Within A Month

With over 100 major forms of liver disease affecting men, women and children, the article below covers the most common forms of liver disease; possible or probable causes of a diseased liver; the associated symptoms; and alternative, natural options to deal with liver disease that do not require surgery or medication.

Common Causes Of Liver Damage

That being said, the liver came into the world in a disease-free state, and the outlook is good that it can leave it in the same condition. However, being that we do live in a toxic-saturated environment, from the air that we breathe to the food that we digest, the liver works both over time and in over drive to keep our bodies filtered and free from toxins that many times cause deficiencies.

Prescription medication by itself, although taken under the scrutiny of a trained physician, many times can do the liver damage over a prolonged period of use. Excessive amounts of commonly sold OTC acetaminophen when combined with Vicodin, Norco and statins are precursors to liver problems.

The foods that we eat and drink, especially fast foods and processed foods, also set the stage for possible damage to the liver. With a focus on fructose as a leading culprit of liver disease, it behooves this writer to state that fructose causes similar damage to that caused by alcohol in the human body.

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Common Forms Of Liver Disease

Primary peritonitis, cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, the Epstein Barr virus, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, celiac disease and iron overload are all major results of a damaged liver. Under a worse case scenario, a liver transplant may be warranted should it cease to function properly.

Predominant Symptoms

Among the most commonly known symptoms found in a deficient liver are:

Weakness and Fatigue
Weight Loss
Nausea ( Read More: Nausea and Vomiting Symptoms You Should Never Ignore )
Vomiting and Diarrhea
Jaundice or Yellow Discoloration of The Skin
Excessive Bleeding

Healing A Liver Naturally

Although this article is not administering medical advice as such, it is providing the following information for interested readers. Many natural products can harm the liver if taken in mega doses. Even when certain herbs are safe in themselves, they may contain liver-toxic contaminants.

That being said, a dramatic reversal of liver disease can be achieved if dietary precautions are taken such as eliminating gluten in one’s diet and all processed foods and beverages.

In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes, doing a morning detox regimen of the following can help keep that liver clean and functioning optimally. A detox tea as described below is very beneficial and energizing when taken first thing in the morning.

1- Freshly squeezed lemon, cranberry or lime juice
2- Oregano oil
3- Clean, filtered water
4- Herbal supplements

While there are many variations, including the above served with freshly cut ginger root steeped in hot water, they are all equally effective in helping to keep a liver disease-free.

Today, many medical doctors and health practitioners are coming to the conclusion that natural is always a better route to take in certain cases. That being said, all agree that eating right and lifestyle changes can do a world of good not only for our liver, but for every other part of our body as well. Choose wisely.

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