Find Out What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health


Find Out What Your Body Shape Reveals About Your Health

The shape of our body can be an indicator of the status of our health. While there are general health guidelines that apply to everyone, some illnesses and diseases occur with more frequency in some body types than others. Whether you have a triangular, apple or pear shaped body, there are certain health indicators that are specifically attributed to each. By determining your body shape, you can more accurately identify the health issues more likely to affect you and take preventative measures to avoid complications or declining health.


1. First, people with triangular body shapes have broad shoulders but narrow waists. This body shape is one that is regarded as the most healthy, and often referred to as ‘swimmer’s body. Individuals with a triangular-shaped body have high metabolisms. This not only means their body does not gain weight in fat easily, it also means that when dieting, these people are more effective at weight loss. The drawback to this body type is the damage fat does to their body. People with this shaped body who consume high levels of fat in their diet are more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease. In addition to that, people whose body shape fit in this category are also at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. In order to cut health risks, those with a triangular shaped body should consume a high amount of protein from foods like poultry and fish. Because their adrenal gland actively works hard, they should also avoid foods that are high in salt or carbohydrates, even though they are prone to sensational cravings for these types of foods.

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2. Secondly, people with apple-shaped bodies have accumulated fat n the abdominal area. Their legs and hips are slim while their torso is wider, thereby giving an apple-shaped appearance of being wide on the top and small on the bottom. For years, doctors have recognized the correlation between aggregate fat retained around the stomach and the increased health risks associated with that. The fat that gathers around the midsection constantly dissolves into the blood stream and circulates through the body. The only thing is that fat is only partially dissolved. This surplus of fat in the bloodstream can lead to heart failure, elevated blood pressure and Type II diabetes. That is why doctors recommend that people with apple shape bodies exercise regularly to minimize their health risks. Cardio workouts and weight training exercises are highly recommended for these people as these types of exercise burns fat and build muscles, keeping their body fat percentage in a healthy range Consuming a diet that is rich in protein, fiber and wheat while low in carbohydrates will not only help control the amount of fat that is stored on the body, but it also helps to flush flat out of the bloodstream, helping to diminish some of the health risks that affect the people.

3. Last but not least, persons with a pear body shape have a figure that is opposite from apple shaped people. Instead of being top heavy, pear-shaped people have wider hips, thighs and buttocks, but smaller stomachs and narrow shoulders. Women are more likely to accumulate weight around the lower half of their body than men are, and as such, carry higher risks of ovarian cancer, cysts in the breast tissue, and endometriosis. While pear-shaped people are significantly healthier that those with apple-shaped bodies, they do have an increased risk of osteoarthritis. For this reason, it is especially important that pear-shaped people monitor their fat intake closely and limit fat consumption. Additionally, they should engage in exercises that target the leg muscles, such as running and strength training. By converting fat into muscle, pear-shaped people can significantly reduce their risks of illness and live productive, healthy lives.

As you can see, each body type comes equipped with their own health concerns. Specific diet and nutrition regiments that aligned with your body type should be followed closely, as they have been identified by health specialist to be the most effective, as recommended. Using your body type as a way to gauge the type of health risks you may face is not only smart but proactive. Being proactive could be the key to living a long and healthy life.

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